For any type of Pharma Business, we require a license or registration from Drug Department. Here we are discussing about brief detail about licenses required to start a particular type of pharma business
Different types of Licences are issued by the Drug Department for Manufacture of Drugs/Cosmetics: List of Licenses Require for Manufacturing of Drugs are as below:
License Required for Manufacturing of Cosmetic Products are:
License for Laboratory:
General Documents and requirements for applying for above mention licenses are as below:
List of Licenses Require for Exhibition, Sale and Distribution of Drugs are as below:
Read requirements for starting Wholesaler/Stockist/Distributors license:
Read requirement for starting Retail/Chemist/Pharmacy:
For sale and Distribution of Ayurvedic and Cosmetic Products, No License is required
Read More About Pharma Business:
Pharma business opportunities in India ? Pharmaceutical Business is one of most profitable business throughout world. Main problem that is faced by most of person are from where to start, not matter whether they are from pharma background or from any other background. Read more
How to Start Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic (Marketing/Trading) Company in India? Every State of India has almost same form of formalities. Documentation: Drug License number (D.L. No.), Tax identification number (TIN), FSSAI Expand for more
Third Party/Contract/Loan license Manufacturing for Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Products: Third party manufacturing is very popular as it is simple, easier, cost effective and easy to implement. Most of pharma professionals don't know about third party manufacturing. Pharma third party manufacturing is an outsourcing of pharma finished goods or brands from pharmaceutical manufacturer at mutual agreed term and condition. Read complete procedure here
How to start pharmaceutical manufacturing company?Procedure and documentation required for starting pharmaceutical company read here
What is Pharma/Ayurvedic Franchise and How it works?Pharma franchise is term used for the companies those do marketing and sale at franchise basis. Franchisee partner is authorized to use company name, brand name and all commercial activities on behalf of his franchise partner. Franchise distributor perform sale and marketing while franchise company act as supplier at its product. Both work at mutual beneficial agreement. Expand for more
For List of Ayuvedic Franchise/Pcd Companies click here
Elzac Herbals Vatson Remedies Sukhija Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Alphabetical List of Pharma Franchise/PCD Companies:
How to calculate MRP: MRP is term used for maximum retail price. MRP is inclusive of all taxes. It is the final cost that is paid by customer. For fixing mrp, companies has to consider many factors such as cost of products, market competition, other similar brand mrp's read complete calculation
कैसे शुरू करे फार्मा फ्रेंचाइजी मार्केटिंग अगर आप भी खुद की मार्केटिंग शुरु करना चाहते है तो अभी से उस दिशा में काम शुरू कर दे। अगर आप फार्मा से है तो आपके पास कही ऑप्शन है। read more
What is ptr, pts and mrp? How to calculate these?If you are starting your own franchise marketing, you have to calculate many calculation. According to these calculation, you can find out your margin, scheme, chemist margin, stockist margin etc. We are presenting here few trick for your help Read more
Approximate budget for starting pharma/Ayurvedic marketing company Example Product List for Pharma Franchise Companies:Just look at product list that may be good idea for your pharma franchise company start up. It is for example purpose only, you can create you product list according to your need and demand. Following factor affect your product selection: Expand for more
Know about Tax identification number/Vat/CSTStarting pharma business or any other business, you need to know about sale tax requirement for your business. Know more about tin/vat/cst
Steps for starting Pharma Franchise Marketing! 1. First prepare list of molecules or products you want to market 2. Search pharma franchise company through google, drug today, cims or any other way... Read More
Which Pharma Franchise Company (PFC) or PCD Company will be best for association? What to do before finalized your PCD or Franchise Company?As competition is increasing, daily new Pharma Franchise Companies are entering in the market. Some companies create presence in market, some struggle for existence. It becomes more difficult for Pharmaceutical Distributors or Marketing professionals or PCD distributors to choose best suitable PCD or Franchise Company for their self. Heavy advertisement in drug books, yearbooks, medical journals and news papers become trend and necessity to create market and increase sale but these ads also make choice difficult. But attractive ad, long product list doesn’t grantee for good company. Expand for more
Why Franchise concept (PCD) in Pharma industry is so popular ? Reason and Future !Pharma franchise or PCD may be strange word for common peoples but pharma franchise is well known word for persons that are related to medicines and pharmaceutical sectors. In period of 1990’s when India begun its new era. One sector was also moving toward change in India and that was pharmaceutical sector. Franchise concept totally changed the direction of field and provided the opportunities to small enterprises and pharmaceutical professionals to grow and start their own work. The word franchise is come from the Anglo-French word means “Liberty”. If we go through history of franchise – that goes before eighteenth century. In modern time new era of franchise begins in late 19th century.Expand for more
How do Pharma franchise or PCD Companies in India and their franchise calculate net prices, Trade Rates and MRP’s? Pharma Franchise Companies and PCD companies have simple calculation to finalize their net rates and MRP’s. Most of franchise and PCD companies finalized their net rates and MRP’s, according to market conditions, and according to their competitors. Raw material cost is basis of net rate calculation. Pharma Franchise or PCD companies provide medicines to their franchise, at net price basis. Net Prices are calculated by following formulas: Total Cost = Manufacturing cost + Packing Material Cost + Taxes + Transportation + Promotion Material + Expenses. Net Rate = Total cost X percentage of margin Click Here to Read More
Why are Pharma Franchise Companies --- backbone of Indian Pharmaceutical Market? When I started my career as a medical representative, I always heard about propaganda companies. Representatives of these companies were different from us. Their method of working was different, their approach was different. For being working for a multinational firm, I thought that these companies drug was of low standards. I was not aware how propaganda companies work. In my 6 month medical representative career-- everyday in field I encountered with them. Click Here to Read more
What can Pharma Franchise Companies do to build itself as a brand? In my daily working life, I always realize --- Pharma Franchise companies have huge scope to capture market and beat competition with Direct Marketing Companies. Few things --- that can make the difference for these companies. Firstly we have to study --- what are the mistakes that are commonly doing by Pharma Franchise Companies (PCD)? 1. Not having Vision: Click here to read more
Few Marketing aspects and different types of Marketing techniques of Pharmaceutical sector ? Pharmaceutical market is different from other markets in every aspect. In Pharmaceutical market you can’t approach your direct customer i.e. patient. You have to market your products to Doctors. Doctors are the primary customer to all Pharmaceutical Companies whether it is a Generic Company or Branded (So called Ethical) Company or PCD company. Different type of markets and different types of ways of work – follow by these companies. Even there is difference in considering – primary customers Click here to read more
Types of Pharma franchise marketing. Pharma Franchise distributors are of two types. 1. Single Franchise Distributors 2. Multi Franchise Distributors. Single Franchise distributors: Click here to read more