List of Transports, Couriers, Logistic and Cargo Services

Receiving and Dispatching are two most important aspect of any business. In initial stage of any business, person face a major problem and that’s related to transportation of goods. Here we are providing detail of couriers and transports based upon our knowledge and experience. We are not categorizing best or worst in list. We are not comparing any transport or courier service.  Our purpose is only to provide information, so you get right knowledge in initial period of your business. Other than courier, transport, logistic and cargo listed below may be available nearby. May they be better than listed below. You always should be careful while selecting transportation service.

Courier Services:

DTDC : DTDC is one of the preferred courier service for small/medium scale companies in pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic sector. Having good presence in pan India level and reasonable rates make it a head from other courier services in Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Sector. Tracking Facility is available at company website. With tracking facility courier could be tracked at every level. We have used DTDC courier to send courier in South Indian regions, Western Indian regions and other Regions.

First Flight Courier: When we have urgency to send any courier at fastest service as possible. We try First flight in that case. Vast network through out India and Tracking facility available at courier website. We have used First flight to send courier to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh Regions.
Blue Dart

Professional Courier : Professional courier is mostly used to send material to south India Regions. In north, Network of professional courier is also good but not of such level as it in south India.

Overnite Express Limited: Overnite express limited also has vast network through India. For north east states, Overnite courier provide best services. We have used Overnite to send material to North East States Regions. Tracking facility is available at courier website.

Trackon Courier: Trackon courier is also well known courier in Ayurvedic and Pharma sector. Tracking facility is available at courier website. We have used Trackon courier to send material to Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra etc.

Madhur Courier: We have used Madhur courier to send courier to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jarkhand regions.

FedEx DHL, TNT Express are few more couriers that have great reputation in market but we didn’t work with them with no reasons. These also can help you to deliver courier to destinations.

Other than these there may be many local, nation and international courier service provider available nearby.

Transport/Logistic/Cargo Services:

VRL Logistics Ltd: VRL was founded in 1976 by DR. Vijay Sankeshwar in Gadag, a small town in North Karnataka having its corporate office in Hubli (Karnataka). VRL logistic is one of the favorite logistic and transport used by pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic companies to deliver goods to the destinations specially in Southern Parts of India. Tracking Facility and reasonable rates makes it main choice among pharmaceutical/ayurvedic companies. We have used VRL logistic to send material to Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat regions.

Safexpress: Safexpress is one of the best cargo service for pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Products. Door delivery is main strength of Safexpress. Prices could be somewhat higher as compare to other transport but timely delivery may overcome this reason. Consignment tracking facility is available at safexpress website. We have used Safexpress to send material to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, UP, Kerala, Gujarat, Manipur regions.

TCI Freight: TCI freight is a division of Transport Corporation of India group. It is cost effective way to all over India.  Consignment tracking is available at transport website. Time consuming delivery may cause some problem but it is one of the most trusted brand in transportation. We have used TCI Freight for Karnataka region.

TCI Express (Formerly TCI XPS) : TCI express is also a division of Transport Corporation of India group. TCI express is fast and costly service of TCI but timely door delivery may be one reason to send through TCI Express. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used TCI XPS for Tamil Nadu regions.

Gati Limited : Gati, founded in 1989 having corporate office in Hyderabad. Gati has an extensive network across India providing timely deliveries to 19000 pincodes, covering 672 out of 676 districts in India.Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used Gati for Karnataka and Manipur regions.

Nitco Logistics : Nitco Logistics Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1964. Nitco has wide network thorugh out India and have good reputation too. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used Nitco for UP, Jammu and Kasmir regions.

Spoton : It is Door Pickup and delivery transport service having corporate office in Bengaluru. One has to send online request for pick-up of consignment. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used spoton to receive material from Madhya Pradesh.

Om Logistics: Om logistic has broad network through out India. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used Om logistics for Andhra Pradesh and Himachal regions.

North-Eastern Carrying Corporation Limited (NECC): Having wide distribution network all over India and specialization in delivery to north eastern states of India. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used NECC for delivering material to Tripura regions.

V-Trans: V-Trans founded in 1951 having corporate office in Mumbai. V-Trans has over 600 GPS-enabled vehicles. V-Trans provides fully integrated logistics services. Tracking facility available at transport’s website. We have used V-Trans for West Bangal Regions.

Air Transport Corporation (ATC): Air Transport Corporation Assam Pvt. Ltd. or ATC is a family owned business incorporated in 1952. We have used ATC to send material to Assam, Manipur, Odisha regions.

Delhi Rajasthan Transport Corporation (DRTC): Delhi Rajasthan Transport Co. Ltd. Began business in 1971 as Associated forwarder in Rajasthan. Now DRTC is operating in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala We have used DRTC to send material to Rajasthan regions.

Maa Annapurna Transport Agency Pvt. ltd : Maa Annapurna Transport Agency Pvt Ltd in Short MATA has good delivery network in eastern parts of India. Tracking facility available at transport’s website. We have used MATA to send products to Bihar and West Bangal regions.

Nagpur Golden Transport: We have used Nagpur Golden to deliver material to Chhattishgarh and Maharashtra regions.

Jaipur Golden Transport : We have used Jaipur Golden to send material to Telangana and Rajasthan regions.

Sri Azad Transport :  We have used Sri Azad Transport to deliver goods to Bihar Regions.

Great India Roadways: We have used Great India Roadways to send material to Odisha Regions.

Along with above mentioned transports, there are number of local, national and international transports that could help small business for delivery their goods from origin to destination.

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How to start Pharma wholesale Distribution Business?


Your suggestions are always valuable.
I am pharmacist i opened my chemist shop few months ago. Now i want to open a wholesale drug distribution company in my area.
1. I have my own license and i know the procedure to get wholesale drug license.
2. And i have my own godown of 50 gaj. Will it be sufficient for wholesale business?
3. And how to get contacts of those whom i have to contact for supplies? I mean to say that from where to get goods for sale and whats the conditions of c&f or direct company?
4. Which will be better ethical or generic drug distribution?How much of margin is there in both of them?
5. Whats the minimum investment required?


1. Procedure to get wholesale drug license read at our article: How to start wholesale drug license?
2. 50 gaj area is sufficient for starting wholesale drug license.
3. You can contact pharma companies through phone, mail or visiting to them for distribution ship. Read in detail at our article: How to become Distributor?
4. Both ethical and generic drug distribution has own pro and cons. Margin is approximately same in both type of distribution. You can start both distribution in single time. read in detail about difference between generic and ethical
5. Investment required depend at product selection and company delection.

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How to Distribute Derma Products?


I am from ——–. I have many clinics and importing some derma products. I also have one distributing company.
But currently I have not distributed any derma products from India. I just bought a big amount of some products from the India and resell back in my country.
I have idea to distribute some of the products.
May I know how I should proceed ?


Some derma products could be sell out through prescription as well as OTC basis. You can proceed by appointing medical representative and generate prescription from doctors or directly promoted to chemists and other retailers. Selling through generating prescription will be much better option.

Setting-up is strong distribution channel is first requirement for distributing and selling any products. Without distribution channel your all efforts may result to zero. First build a distribution channel then distribute these products: Read in our article: How to build strong Distribution Network?

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How to build strong distribution channel for Food Supplement Distribution Company?


Please guide me how to start my marketing activities by developing a sound distributor network. I am not Manufacturer but have started a marketing firm.
Also guide us in finding commission based marketing person.


As we discussed about marketing activities how to develop sound distributor network. Finding a sound distributors network is not easy as it feels in first look. As you are starting with nutraceutical products, these products has huge demand in market at that time. But one main problem for nutraceuticals is that they have one and half year of expiry, and if you don’t have good distribution network, then it is possible for met with expiry of these products.

As we discussed, we only recommend you to start with smallest possible batch size for each products. Before launching product, market research is also necessary. For good distribution network,

  • Place ad at business portals, online ad, print media ad or drug books etc for distribution proposal 
  • Build website and promote it to get inquiries 
  • Your first requirement is to get inquiries for your products. More inquiries you will have, more chances to find better distributor 
  • Hire marketing persons who have good relationship in market but it’s good to handle all marketing and sales related work himself to get better results 
  • Meet with distributors district wise or state wise as you prefer. give them best proposals for your products 
  • Use your relationship to convert these to business opportunities 

It takes time to build strong distribution network. You have to be patience during your journey. In starting, you will find difficulties in setting up your network but once you will find few good distributors, it will not be difficult for you to expand. According to entrepreneur survey, it takes nearly 2-3 years for any new born company to establish itself.

Commission based marketing professions are difficult to find, you can read How to search for marketing persons as commission basis ? for more detail about commission basis marketing persons. Or you can also indicate at your ad for requirement for commission basis persons.

For more Articles read our FAQ
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Pharma Franchise Business

can a person apply for the chemist shop license at government employee registration ?


My father worked in livestock department under wb govt as a Veterinary doctor. So i want to open a medicine shop….so can i apply for the license using my father’s cerificate…please answer 


You can’t apply medicine shop at your father’s registration certificate. There is two reason behind it:

One: For medicine Shop, pharmacist registration certificate is must.
Second: Your Father can do job at single place at one time. Applying at registration certificate mean, he is permanently working in your medicine shop. But he is government employee so he is working there also. There government job could be in trouble at that time..

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Enquiry and Plan about Pharmaceutical Distribution

I am planning to start the stockists business in Chennai with 2-4 companies initially and then I will develop according to the income and no of people working in it. Actually I am in great doubt that how many workers I need and how much I need to invest in this and how much money I have to keep in bank balance offer starting investment so I need your help for this to plan for this business sir. I kindly request you to reply for this query.


Read complete procedure to start distribution business by clicking here
Number of workers could be nil to any numbers. In starting your work will be at small scale and you can handle it alone. If you feel you can do it alone, you can appoint one or two works in starting as per your need and area covered by you…

Investment may depend at many factors like:

  • Documentation and office 
  • Cost of products you are dealing with
  • Quantity of products you purchase at once
  • Area and Chemist covered by you, and credit given to them
  • Number of persons you employee
  • and many more factors

In your bank account nearly same balance should be available as equal to amount invested in product purchase plus amount invested in to market through credit and promotion.

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How to start Chemist Shop?


I want to open a chemist shop. Please give some ideas for it. Please suggest where should i open it ,there are many chemist shops near me and also they provide upto 10% discounts on medicines. suggest few ideas to increase business.
also what should i do if the medicine which doctor has prescribed to the patient is not available with me at that time ,if i dont have it at that time then the patient might go to some other store what to do if that happens.
Also can you suggest what else can i do along with my chemist shop as a side business. 

Read requirements to start chemist shop at our article:

How to start Chemist Shop?

Opening shop doesn’t depend at number of shops available in your locality. It depends at sale and market potential of that area. If there is good number of doctors and sales potential is available then you can start medical shop there.

If market is saturated and already opened chemists are not working good then don’t need to open shop there. 10% discount is not a big issue, you could also provide when you will start.

If a doctor prescribe medicines and you don’t have at that time. In that condition, your relationships with nearby chemists matter most. Most of chemist behave corporative in that conditions and make availability from nearby chemists and fulfill patients requirement.

Chemist shop is full time work. Along with chemist shop you can’t do any thing in your licenses shop premises but outside shop you can do any other business as you have knowledge…

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How to start Pharma Generic Shop?


I am a D. Pharma. I wish to know How to start a pharma generic shop with  a single company initially? How to contact distributor or company for this? I have searched various big companies though failed. Also how much capital is required to invest in generic medicines let alone other investments.


Generic medicine distribution is credit base work. Start with small generic company which will provide you facilities along with credit. Most of big companies will already has distributors at most of locations and second they look for already established and good networked distributors. Investment for starting with any generic company could be as less as 1 lac and as more as of any numbers. You can find generic distributors locally by asking to chemists about particular company distributor or search online about generic manufacturers. Meet local distributors personally and companies which are far away, talk to them at phone first and then fix meeting if gets positive response….

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