How to Start-up and become Successful Franchise/PCD distributor in Pharmaceutical Sector?



I am working as Medical representative from last ten years and Now want to start my own business. Please help me, how to start-up and what is needed.


You have many options to start with like retail, wholesale, own marketing company, distribution etc. But we will recommend you to start by taking franchise or pcd distribution of pharmaceutical company. You have sales and marketing experience of ten years. It will not be difficult for you to set-up your own franchise/pcd marketing. Here we are describing few steps and procedure for setting-up your own franchise and pcd marketing.

For starting a Franchise/pcd, you don’t need any extra particulars. Most of pharma franchise company will ask for Your Drug Licence number and TIN number. These two, you can arrange from your wholesaler or distributor to whom you want to appoint stockist or your can set-up your own wholesale firm. Starting own wholesale firm would be costlier in starting. You can start by appointing distributor.

You should plan following things before further processing to avoid problems. Procedure of becoming pcd/franchisee distributor:

  • First prepare list of molecules or products you want to market. View example Product list for franchise/pcd
  • Search pharma franchise company through google, drug today, cims or any other way… 
  • Ask them whether your location for Franchise Distribution is vacant or not… 
  • If Vacant, ask to mail you price list with net rate and MRP. Read How franchise/pcd companies fixed net rates and mrp?
  • You should get Price list for minimum 4-5 companies for Rate comparison, MRP comparison and Range Comparison. List of pcd/franchise companies 
  • According to their Brand Name, Company Name, Net rate, MRP, or Term and conditions, you can select your company. Read important things before starting pharma franchise pcd marketing.
  • While selecting company, be aware about company history and track record. Also confirm that availability of products which you want to market. Read Things to be considered while selecting pharma company
  • After Selecting, make invoice and ask them to send sample catch cover, visual aids, Bag, promotional inputs etc. read requirements with first order 
Above Steps are for selecting and getting Pharma franchisee/pcd of company. After Selection of Pharma Franchise/Pcd company. You should launch company as sales executive or manager. You shouldn’t disclose to anyone regarding marketing of company. Build a plan and prepare list of doctors. Here we are providing few quick steps about launching your pcd/franchise marketing company in your area.
  • Prepare list of Doctors to whom you want to launch.
  • Conduct research in market which molecule is prescribed by which doctor.
  • Prepare list of molecules doctor wise.
  • Set-up sampling material and promotional material.
  • Procure stock of products you want to promote.
  • Prepare price list containing trade rates, price to retailer, price to stockist, mrp etc.
  • Take appointment from doctor or visit to his hospital
  • Promote and detail your product to Doctor. Leave sample if you find doctor satisfactory or ask from you.
  • Visit to nearest chemist shop or chemist shop available in Hospital. Tell them about your stockist. Leave your product card, your contact number & stockist number there.
  • Make regular call as you were doing during your job.
Promoting and marketing products in pcd/franchise marketing is similar as you were doing in your job. Now you are promoting your own products. You have to do work with more dedication and consistency as you were doing in job. Becoming successful is not easy as you think. Success demands sacrifices, hard work, consistency, dedication, knowledge, skill etc.

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Good Afternoon sir, I am fresher, from j and k and want to start franchise for a company. Can you please tell me how I had to reach to doctor’s. Should I had to go personally to them or some other way. Please explain through step by step from franchise to doctor’s.


As a fresher it is difficult to run a franchise of a company. You should get some experience in market by job as a medical representative or spending time with experienced persons. You have to visit personally to doctors chamber and detail your products to him.

Franchise product’s marketing is like to introduce new company to a Doctor. Before going to doctor, you need to research about doctor’s prescription habit means which molecules doctor’s use to write. That you can confirm by visiting to nearby chemist or medical store present in hospital. You can get brief idea of prescription habit of a doctor from near by chemists. Before placing order to company, you should conduct this type of research and you should have confidence you can get prescribed your products from doctor. If you don’t have confidence then don’t proceed further.

Step by Step from Franchise To Doctor:

  • Research about doctor’s prescription habit
  • Place order to franchise company according to molecules doctor prescribing
  • Ask for promotional material like Visual Aids, Reminder Cards, pads, Pen etc
  • Visit to the doctor’s chamber and Detail your product
  • Convince him to prescribe your product
  • If Doctor’s show interest in your products and ready to prescribe, make availability of products at nearby medical stores
  • If not, regularly visit to his chamber but after some interval to avoid irritation
  • Follow these step to other doctors of locality also
  • When doctors will start writing your products, you are completed initial stage

Hope above information was useful to you…

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