What is Pharma Visual Aids? Features that a pharmaceutical product or brand's detailing visual aids/literature should Contains

What is Pharma Visual Aids? Features that a pharmaceutical product or brand's detailing visual aids/literature should Contains
an item of illustrative matter, such as a film, slide, or model, designed to supplement written or spoken information so that it can be understood more easily.

What is a Pharma Visual Aids?

Pharma Visual aids is referred as a document which is used to promote pharmaceutical product/brand to healthcare professionals and illustrate molecule or combination present in it. It may be in form of written/Printed, film, slide, electronic, voice etc to convey written or spoken information about product/brand.

Detailing Visual aids or Literature is used as marketing tool by pharmaceutical companies from very early time. Once there was a time, when doctor’s used to be happy to see pharma companies sales representative or medical representative because they used to provide information about new molecules, drugs, new research in medical science, new discoveries etc.

Folinex-D: Pharma Visual Aids Sample

Then it was easy to convince doctors to prescribe medicines. But with time companies sales representatives lost its credibility and reputation because market has been saturated with representatives. Daily more than 15 representatives visit to doctors to prescribe their drugs. Doctors started to avoid due to over-sized sale force.

But still marketing with detailing visual aids and medical representative are only source of sale generation in pharmaceutical market except few otc products. What should be part of detailing aids that provide information to doctor and doesn’t appear over written and lengthy.

Below are the parts in detailing

  • Tag Line
  • Brand Name
  • Suitable Picture
  • Composition with dosage form
  • Detail or description or MOA or use of each active molecule
  • Indication or Pharmacological uses
  • Also Available
  • Brand name with Tag line

Tag Line: Select your tag line properly indicating best possible use of your products.It should be simple and easily pronounceable.

Brand Name: Brand name of your product at suitable font and size. It should be highly highlighted but don’t be oversize.

Composition or Molecules with dosage form: Accurate composition of your product should be added below your brand name. For Ayurvedic products if composition is lengthy and long, you can also choose its purpose.

Orthozac: Ayurvedic Detailing Visual Sample
Courtesy: Elzac Herbals

Picture: Picture should indicate positive effect of your product. You can use or can’t the picture but a image says more than thousand words.

Discription of molecules: Useful description about each molecules. Not lengthy, not so short. But describe use of each molecule separately. Pharmacology, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics or pharmacostatics etc of molecules may be used in discription

Indication: You should use atleast 5-6 indication for your brand or composition of your brand.

Also Available: Similar products you can describe below your detailing card with brand name and composition. This will save your time to detail similar products to doctors. Below this you should add tag line also with different from above tag line.

Brand Name with Tag line: If similar product is not available, you can add brand name with new tag line at end.

How could be the latest innovation in Visual Aids?

We didn’t see any speaking visual aids with any company representative. A speaking visual aids story telling device can make product more interesting in front of doctor.

Visual aids Exapmles:

Ketoconazole     Xylometazolin     Flurbiprofen     Dexamethasone     Gatifloxacin     Prednisolone

Lidocaine     Chloramphenicol     Ketorolac     Tobramycin     Piperacillin     Nandrolone-Decanoate

Triamcinolone     Amikacin     Sucralfate     Hydrochorothiazide     Glimepride     Metformin

Telmisartan     Atenolol     Ginkgo-Biloba     Amlodipine     Prebiotic-and-Probiotic     Levosulpride

Omeprazole     Antioxidant     Ginseng     Cloxacillin     Pregabalin     Calcitriol     Tramadol

Pantaprazole     Cefuroxime-axetil     Cefpodoxime-proxetil     Nimesulide     Amoxicillin

Betahastine     Azithromycin     Cefixime     Ofloxacin     Chlorzoxazone     Diclofenac Potassium

Fluconazole     Itopride     Domperidone     Rabeprazole     Glucosamine     Diacerein    Sparfloxacin

Ondansetron     L-Ornithine     Gabapentine     Mecobalamin     Montelukast     Levocetrizine

Ornidazole     Levoflaxacin     Lansoprazole     Pyridoxine     Methylcobalamin     Flunarizine

Mafenamic     Drotaverine     Deflazacort     Phenylpherine     Cetrizine     Cinnarizine     Calcium


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Folinex-D: Sample/Example of Pharmaceutical Detailing Visual Aids
Orthozac: Sample/Example of Ayurvedic Detailing Visual Aids

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  2. from where to get the approval of content printed in visual / any promotional material

  3. For visual aids content, companies generally don't seek for content approval. Companies mention reference of source from where any particular indication or content is taken

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