Use of marketed by address in third party manufacturing concept !!!

My question for writing of marketed by address in third party manufacturing concept. I am belonging to small district narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh. If I write marketed by company address in narsinghpur. It seems poor quality product. So I want to write Marketed by address as in Bhopal.

Is it possible I can register my company in Bhopal and will take whole sell registration from Narsinghpur. So all printing matter on my product will come with Bhopal address.

If not how I can mentioned big city name in my product. I have seen in some product they mentioned as Head/corporate address as mumbai and branch address is as other city. Their all product not contains the same Marketed by address. How is it possible?


You could use Marketed by address for your products from big city or other state but you should have your marketing and sales office or your registered office there. You could have office and godown at different locations. For office, you don’t need drug license number or other documentations but you can’t store or dispatch medicine from there. But office address you can use at your products. Place from where you are going to receive, stock and dispatch medicine, you should have drug license number.

It is possible to register your company at Bhopal and conduct it from Narsingpur by taking wholesale drug license there. Its very good idea. Even you can register your company in other states also or you can open your sales and marketing office in other location or state. If you seek our suggestion, we will recommend you to have marketed by address from other states like Gujarat, Himachal etc or districts like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahemdabad etc. If it is not possible for you, then you can use Bhopal as marketed by address. Address within state also don’t give better response in pharmaceutical market.

Address you use for ‘marketed by address’ should be real and authentic. Don’t use any misleading and wrong address. Few companies use wrong address but they suffer after some time. If you are going to print address of any other city or state at your products, you should have your registered office or sales office or any reference related to you or your company at that address.

Companies who use different marketed by address at different products are misleading to customers and professionals. Companies could have head office at one place and branch offices throughout India. That depend at operation area of company but good companies always use only single marketing by address at products except for products, they manufacture it at own manufacturing unit.


Thanks for reply. Please confirm how to registered my company and marketing office in different state. Also confirm that if I will use my method by using two addresses. Should I require two TIN number and two same name company registration numbers in single state (M.P.). As I am going to open two office in single state in two different location. Previously I am having only 11 years of manufacturing experience in pharmaceutical, but did not have any marketing experience. Is it good, if I will start this business. How I run my marketing stretgey. As I checked in market every doctor ask some percentage profile to write the product in proscription.


You can register your company at one place as you like and just open office only at another place. You don’t require any documentations for another place. Take a office at rent at any place in any state or same state and show it as your sales office. Give address of that sales office at your products and handle dispatch from another location.

You don’t need to apply for two separate TIN numbers. TIN number is required for location where you have drug license number and it will require for invoicing purpose.

If you don’t have sales experience, you require any person or employee or partner, you have sales and marketing exposer. Read similar query from our read related to this problem: How to start marketing company without sale and Marketing Experience?

Hope above information was useful to you……

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