I want help for own pharma company registration

I want help for own pharma company registration

Step 1: Choose Company Name
Step 2: Choose molecules list and their brand names
Step 3: Apply for drug license number and TIN number
Step 4: Apply for Trade mark registration of Company Name and Brand Names( Optional – Skip in starting)
Step 5: Private Limited Company registration (Only applicable If two or more than two partners is starting company)
Step 6: Third party manufacturing of your products

Above details is of documentations and licenses. Other than these, you may require to set-up your office and staff. You should also finalize what type of marketing, you want to do in pharma.

Read here: Types of pharmaceutical marketing

Choose best possible way to start your own pharmaceutical marketing for your company. and start it as soon as possible with all calculations and risk factors. You can feel fee to contact us at following detail for further help…
Based upon queries of our readers, we have prepared a list of queries. You can find below queries based upon your needs.

For any query and suggestion, you can mail us at pharmafranchiseehelp@gmail.com

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