What are the pharma business opportunities in India?

Please provide business opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sector like retail shop or distribution etc.

We have prepared a list of businesses. Click here to read about all pharmaceutical business opportunities in India.

There are many opportunities available in Pharmaceutical Sector. We will mention opportunities below with link. Click at link to read in detail. After visiting link, you can read complete detail about particular option. We will mention according to your preference and will explain few lines for more informational purpose:

Retail/Chemist Shop: Profitable business but success is granteed at two conditions: 1.) Area potential’s 2.) Sitting Capability i.e. minimum 12 hour time a day require for retail shop.

Wholesale/Distribution/stockistship: It is also good business. Network and relationship with chemist matter most. For being successful in distribution, you have to build a strong supply and payment collection network. Time is not much matter. You can work less than 4 hours daily.

Carrying and Forwarding Agent ( C&F): C&F is also like distribution or wholesaling but area is bigger. C&F has been appointed at state level basis or region wise basis. Company supply material in bulk and C&F agent has to repack it according to stockist/distributor’s need.

Above three work is related to distribution channel. If you want to enter at company level stage following opportunities will be best suitable to you. Click to read in detail:

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