How to start Carrying and Forwarding (C&F) in Pharmaceutical sector?

Am planning to start C&F business for pharma injectable in Chennai…
Please let me know how can i proceed ?
kindly suggest me best opportunity in this segment ?

Injections is most important part in pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. There is huge demand of Injectables in market. You can read complete documentations about carrying & forwarding license in pharmaceutical here

  • Set-up carrying and forwarding agency.
  • Tie-up with a pharmaceutical injectable company
  • Build a distribution network in Tamil-nadu, read our article how to set-up strong delivery network here. Success in c&f is depend at your network channel. ‘How much strong it is’ your success is depend in it. Your reach should be vast. Should have good number and reputed distributors. Distributors should also have good network. Your network should not be restricted to distributors only, you have to build reach to chemist/pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Conduct research about running products and rates in market.
  • Place order to pharma company and start supplying to distributors. 

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How to start C&F medicine business and minimum required funds and best place in India 


Best place for c&f business is capital or central place of any state of India for which you are going to start carrying and forwarding. Location could be depend at your strongest zone as networker or your home or residence city location.
Investment depend and vary according to company, number of products and area you want to cover as c&f.

Hope above information was useful to you…

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  1. Could you assist me on setting up a C & F or Wholesale business for pharmaceutical supplies?

    I am looking at setting up a business in Kerala.

  2. Hi, i am holding of wholesale license as i can get the products only through stockiest is there any way that i can get the products from C&F

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