Is it mandatory to register Brand Name for OTC (Over the Counter) Products?


Respected team, I am a registered pharmacist by profession (D.Pharm) in Thane district of Maharashtra. I am in need of some suggestions as well as guidance from your respected team about starting a marketing of otc/pharma products regarding ayurvedic capsules, condoms, oil, etc.What type of licences required by me to start my marketing co.? As my idea is just on initial stage I am little bit confused about that regarding vat/tin/drug licence etc. I have been reading on some sites that to market a ayurvedic capsules there is no need of licence it that so? If I am just a marketer of product how should I get the brand name registered? It is necessary or compulsory for ayurvedic capsules to register a brand name? Please guide me in the above mentioned subject. Your response will highly appreciate. Thanking you


For Ayurvedic products, you will not need any Drug License number. But you will require GST number if you start inter state business. If Business is within state, at some limit, you will not require GST number also. For pharma products, you will also require drug license number along with GST.

Trade Name/Brand Name registration is not mandatory but essential for own intellectual property safety. If you have investment problem, you can proceed further without Trade Name registration but you should check before choosing brand name that it is not resemble to any other already existing trade/brand name. Otherwise it will create problem in future.

In OTC marketing, Brand Name registration becomes must because Brand Name will be your identity. People will recognize you through your brand name. In case, you don’t apply for brand name registration and your brand become successful. Anybody can launch product with similar name as of yours. In that case you have to bear loss and go into trade name conflict filing.

It will be highly recommended to apply for trade name registration in OTC market. Whether you are manufacturer or marketer, brand name registration process doesn’t affected. It is similar for Both manufacturer and marketer. Go for Brand Name registration. Read Complete process for Brand Name/Trade Name Registration here.

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