What is Marketing Address ? Is it possible to have marketing address and operation from different places?

What is the important of MARKETING ADDRESS? Is it possible to print marketing address on product is XYZ and operate it through another address? Please guide !


What is Marketing Address ( Marketed by Address)?
Every company that doesn’t have own manufacturing unit get manufactured its brand from other companies those have own manufacturing unit. These companies are considered as marketing companies. Marketing Companies are the companies who don’t have own manufacturing and get manufactured own brand at third party/contract manufacturing or Loan License manufacturing basis from manufacturing companies.

Marketing companies have to show ownership of its brand to customers by showing their company name and address indicating marketed by or promoted by like abbreviations. At Pharmaceutical products, label should have printed both manufactured by and marketed by address and name.

Important of Marketing Address:

Marketing Address is first thing that is seen by stockist/distributors, retailers/chemists, doctors and other professionals. It provides the information of company location and company base. Every one will ask about from where is company base or from where is this company. Then it become important to show them the company location. Marketing address provide great help to show them company base or location.

Marketed by address also helpful in hiding your direct connection with ownership of company. You can’t say or show its your company or you have franchise or pcd of this company. Show them you are working in it until company has made good presence in market. Otherwise it can produce negative impact at company reputation. I have lot of examples who did same mistake and result in failure.

It become difficult to sell products locally with local marketing address. It doesn’t produce good impression at others mind. People will take company lightly. Marketing address can hide local connection of company. Marketing address will say company address, not yours.

Some places have great impression at mind set of persons for particular sector. In pharmaceutical sector, Gujarat consider to be good option for marketed by address along with Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai marketing address. Marketing addresses from these places also consider to be best option for marketed by address.

Some places consider to be of low standard from point of view of pharma companies. Professionals generally avoid companies having address from these places but that doesn’t mean companies having address of these places don’t produce good business. There are also have big names but few companies disgrace location by misbehaving or cheating with customers.

Don’t underestimate the value of marketing address at your products packaging. It can change fate of your company. Marketing Address tells about company portfolio.

Marketing Address and Operation Address:

It is possible to print marketed by address from other place and operation from other place. But you should have real address (whether you operate from there or not) that are printed at your packing e.g. it could be your registered office or operational office or vocational/functional office or meeting office or your home or rented premises etc. You can operate from other place where you have drug license number and other documents.Approximately 95% marketing companies do this. They have marketed by address of other place and operated from another place. You could have office at more than one location any where in India. One office you can have in Manimajra (Chandigarh) and at same time you can open new office in Ahmadabad (Gujarat). You can show your marketing address of Ahmadabad at products and can operate from Mani Majra.

Suppose you have a company based at Karnal (Haryana). You want to sell products locally at Karnal and other districts of Haryana. If you will have marketing address from karnal. Can you sell products at Karnal with this address? I can’t say about others but I can’t. People will say,” Its a local company.” No one will be interested in local brands and local company. People consider it inferior. That’s human being’s mindset.

You make a little difference. You only change marketing address that is printed. You become outside brand in spite of operation from Karnal. You will say to others, its a big brand from that city and you are launching it in Karnal. That create difference in your confidence and marketing.

Marketing Companies follow the same theory. They show their self from other states and cities and successfully do business in their territory. You can also do the same thing.Marketing address not only change your brand value but also change in your identity in market.

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  1. I want to operate my company from Muzaffarnagar (UP) , but dont want to mention the address of Muzaffarnagar on products. I have an address in Karnataka and wish to show that company is situated in karnataka. state. if it is possible help me how can I do.

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