Which is more preferable? Marketing, Manufacturing or Marketing with own manufacturing.

Which is more preferable? Marketing, Manufacturing or Marketing with own manufacturing.

I want to start my own pharma company. I want to work mainly in vitamins, minerals, Herbal and Ayurvedic Product. My self a BAMS doctor and completing Master of Public Health.
I don’t have pharmacist. So it is possible to work without pharmacist in above mentioned field?
I don’t have good financial support so please guide me for the same also for establishment of pharma company. Manufacturing and marketing both can be started?

In above mentioned fields in less amount…
What is more preferable…
Marketing, Manufacturing, Marketing with own manufacturing.

Complete documents and procedure for starting pharma marketing company, you can read here in the article:

How to start pharma marketing company? Documentation and Procedure !!

Read about Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in our Article: How to start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company?

Vitamins, minerals are come under dietary supplements/Food/Nutraceuticals, you don’t need to have drug license number for it, you can get FSSAI license by food and safety authority. To know more about how to apply for FSSAI number read our article: How to apply for FSSAI number as Food Business Operator.
Herbal/Ayurvedic products come under AYUSH products. For Herbal and Ayurvedic products, you also don’t need any drug license and pharmacist. You can start working with only appointing distributor having GSTIN number for both products. Read in detail About starting Ayurvedic Company in our Article: How to Start Ayurvedic Company?

If you don’t have enough financial support, you can start with herbal and ayurvedic, nutraceuticals products franchise company. Franchise company will give you rates at net basis, these are different from MRP and Stockist Price. You can start with any minimum amount as you prefer to start and increase sale gradually. This will be good start option for you without any big investment. Read about Pharma Franchise by clicking here

Read here complete about net rates and MRP in this article:
How to calculate profit margin, net rates, trade rates in Pharma franchise Marketing?

You will also face problem in calculating Price to stockist/price to retailer/MRP. You can read complete information:

How to calculate Maximum Retail Price, price to retailer and price to stockist with any MRP?

You can do one more thing. Register you firm/company and apply for Goods and Service Tax number (GSTN) and FSSAI registration. Start with 1-2 own brands and get them manufactured these products at third party basis and purchase other products at franchise basis. This will provide you complete range and also provide start to your own company. When you feel, you want to enter in pharmaceutical products, you can apply for drug license number.

Read procedure for registration of company, you can skip drug license number. How to register a pharma company as Private limited Company and Trade Mark Registration

We will recommend you to start with Ayurvedic products either franchise basis or your own. After establishing these products, you can go with vitamins/minerals like nutraceuticals. Go slowly in starting and understand all market and procedure and then move fast.

As you are B.A.M.S. doctor so you are also eligible for establishing your own ayurvedic manufacturing unit but it need good investment, time and space. Associate with franchise company, place order for nearly 10000/- or as you prefer. Meanwhile choose name for your company, establish your firm/company and give your own brand for manufacturing. This will save your time and money, and it will give you market exposure also. After establishing marketing company, you can also set-up manufacturing unit.

You can find Best Ayurvedic Franchise Company by clicking here. If you find it useful, we can talk for it for franchise and third party manufacturing….

Hope this mail will be helpful for you…..

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