How can A Fresher Start pharma manufacturing Company?

Query: Hello sir i am —- from niper. I got your number from u sent mail

Response: HelloQuery: I want to start my own pharma manufacturing company. Please guide us.
From starting what to do what not to doResponse: First thing. You should know how to and where to sell. Second thing you should know how to manufacture and what to manufacture. If these two answer is yes. Then we will guide you next

Query: Our current plan is Indian market and African market which is less regulated. Firstly we are planing for solid dosage form after that we will go to next dosage form

Response: Have you experience in pharmaceutical marketing or manufacturing. Indian market is no more less regulated. In next two to three years it will have same norms as in developed countries. For manufacturing of pharmaceuticals products. You need a premises as per drug control instructions. Premises may be rented or own. Requirement for premises I mail you. You will need of qualified staff and unqualified staff. For getting manufacturing license you should recruit one manufacturing chemist and one analytical chemist. Their approval copy and qualification certificate copy will be attached with it

Query: Yes that thing agree Indian market no more less regulated but our company main focus on give maximum benefit to Indian customers

Response: Sir We understand what you want to say
I was only trying to find out whether you have any experience in pharma market or any of your known have experience in pharma market. Theory and real market has no similarity. These both are totally different. At our pharma franchise help blog we recommend only starting business if you have experience at ground level. In pharma market, patient is not your customer. Your customer is doctors, distributors, chemists etc

Query: Experience will come by only doing the things. You tell us what to do step by step we will follow please sir cooperate with

Response: Below is Complete procedure:

Query: Ok sir i will start from first thing

Response: We think, you should first take some experience before start own manufacturing unit.
Is it worth to get experience after spending lacks of rupees? If you can get experience only by doing job for 2 to 3 years with income. We will recommend to do job in starting and learn all business aspects then start Own manufacturing company. That will be best option

Hope above information will provide some usefulness….

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