How to proceed to start Pharma Marketing Company?


I am  medicine doctor, I am working near Pune, Maharashtra. My uncle is as a medical representative for 10 years and now working as a manager in a pharmacy company. I want to start a pharmacy marketing company with him. My budget is nearly 10 lakhs rs approx. How to proceed with the same and do I need to increase my budget if I want to start with 1 oral antibiotic and other drugs like multivitamin, analgesic like coxib and antacids.


About budget, we have discussed in our article : How much investment is required to start Pharma company?

Investment is depend at product’s selection. For one oral antibiotic and few more products of analgesic, vitamins and antacid, investment seems to be enough.

You can start by starting partnership firm. Share of partnership could be at mutual discussion. First thing that we recommend all our readers to finalize company name, molecule selection, brand name selection, premises finalization etc.

Secondly complete all documentations for applying drug license number and sale tax number. Read Complete requirement to drug license number and sale tax number here

Meanwhile search for third party manufacturers also. Finding good manufacturers also a tricky work. You can face difficulty in finalizing third party manufacturers. Many of our readers share their experience with us about third party manufacturing. Based upon this, we now consider it one of most important part in starting pharma marketing company. Read Complete about third party manufacturing here

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