How to increase existing pcd business?


I have been involved in Pcd Pharma Franchise work since last 2 years in U.P as earlier my father was running this business and now m trying to take it to the next level but i have done MBA and not having enough knowledge about this field, kindly suggest me some tips to understand the pharmaceutical sector and how can I increase the sale.
Please suggest some techniques so that i can bring some increment in sale.


Pharmaceutical sector is different from other sectors in term of that it is prescription base market. Doctor’s prescription is key of sale in pharmaceutical market. For understanding pharmaceutical sector, you first need to know, How many types you can sell your pharma product. Read in Detail about Types of Marketing & Sale in Pharma here

In pcd marketing, you are not always depend at doctor’s prescription. Some time you supply medicines directly to big distributors or nursing homes/clinics etc. So you need to know all marketing type.

You also need to understand advantage and disadvantage of all marketing types. Read in detail: What are the drawbacks/advantages of generic/ethical/pcd/Franchise marketing ?

For increasing sale, you have two option, Either you can generate prescription from more doctors or you can broad your area of work by appointing sub pcd/franchise distributors. Read here about: Types of pcd/franchise distributors.

Purchase from company at net price basis and add some percentage of your profit and supply to your sub distributors and they will generate prescription from doctor’s.

One more option to increase your sale. You can build-up medical representative team and launch your company in other districts also.

Hope above information is useful to you…

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