How Pharma Companies generate Franchise queries and Boast Business?

We are having a range of more than 130 products in dermatology . We are looking for franchisee offer all over India.
We are already giving advert. in ———- newspaper. Suggest other newspaper which are having ample of distribution .
South is good for marketing. Can you suggest any paper there?
What is best in Digital marketing ? Agencies experience is not good.


Advertisement is essential tool for getting franchise query but accurate & useful advertisement tool is essential for getting maximum benefits. Instead of giving ads in others news papers and online portals, you should thing about promoting own company through your website, blog, facebook, youtube videos, twitter and other means. These promotional activities is not only applicable to derma franchise but for all franchise companies. At present online query generation is useful tool for business development. Online promotion will be better medium for query generation as compare to medical news papers. Medical news papers covers mostly retailers, distributors and c&f only. In some cases, doctors or hospitals. But they are not targeted audience for us. Our targeted audience is marketing & sales professionals like mr, asm, rsm, zsm etc. They are potential customer types who build company reputation along with providing sales. They don’t prefer much about medical news paper advertisements. Even if anyone show interest in paper advertisement, he will check company’s online reputation. All sales professionals are used to with internet. They send their reporting and other activities details online to company. There is much more chances he will search online for franchise company. For creating online presence, you have to make plan.
You need to make two plans:

One Short Term Plan and second one is Long Term Plan.

What we are going to explain come under Digital Marketing? These plans will cover all over India includes South India.

Short term plan is executed to get paid queries by means of advertisement online through adwords and other online portals. These will provide quick queries for follow-up by your staff and maturing ratio is also good if you or your staff take regular follow-up to queries. One of the best way to implement short term plan is to promote through Adwords. Adword is Google’s Advertising business. It is easy to use and you don’t need to hire any agency or person for it. You or your staff can do it by yourself. Read in detail about Doing promotional through Adwords and Knowing more about Adwords by clicking here .

Through adwords, you can get good number of queries based upon your budget. You can also use promotion through other online portals by giving advertisement to them but we will recommend first start with Google Adwords. We are sure if you will use it properly, money that you will spend, give you good return.

In long term plan, your prime focus should be at promoting your website at good ranks at search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. Along with website promotion, build a healthy and good reputation at social networks like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, you tube etc. We made a short term plan because these types of promotion takes time to show results. Results can take time to show as long as one year or more, till then we need queries for business promotion. We are providing few links below that will help you in your long term strategy.

1. How to get Good Ranking at Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc?

2. What is content marketing and how it can help Pharma Company to boast sales?

3. Importance of Website Building and Promotion in pcd company

4. Important tools for Business Generation in Pharma Franchise Marketing

5. How to find Pcd/Franchise Distributors in Pharma Sector?

Hope Above information is useful to you…

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  1. Hi I am running own pharma company and i want to advertise for franchise level so want is the procedure and all other related things

  2. i want to start my own business. how do i plan to start a pcd mode. please let me know about the all essential requirements to set up a business

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  4. @Sekar
    For pcd marketing, you need to have sales experience and good contacts with doctors. If you have both things, then you can easily establish own pcd business. You will require a wholesale drug license and a GST no. If you don't have own, then you can appoint a distributor who have both documents.

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