How to start marketing company without sale and Marketing Experience?

I am biotech professional but I don’t have any experience in pharma marketing or sales but I eagerly want to start my own marketing company in Delhi NCR region.
Please guide  me

Sale is only thing at which most of business survive. We can say, Sale is oxygen and money is blood for any business. Starting marketing company is not big issue. You can read here for detail about to start pharma marketing company here

Not all marketing companies are started by sales and marketing persons. Other professionals also start marketing companies and get success. But primary requirement for running marketing company is sale and marketing. Before going in world of business, make sure all thing related to business like administration, finance, promotion, sale and marketing.

You should check all possibility to sell your products. Either you start in partnership with any person having sales experience or could hire sale/marketing profession for selling. Having sale and marketing experience is not primary requirement for starting pharma marketing company but sale and marketing of any company is primary thing to run company successfully. You can read marketing and sales type in pharmaceutical sector here

You can start etihcal/branded marketing company, generic marketing company, pcd/franchise marketing company or otc marketing company etc. Read advantage and drawbacks of each marketing type here

Do proper market research and possibilities, how can you manage marketing and sales aspect of business. After finalizing and discussing all aspects, you can start your own marketing company…

Hope above information was useful to you….

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