Main requirement for pharma marketing company

Main requirement for pharma marketing company

First Thank you for making blog.
its so helpful for people like me who want to make career in Pharma
Sir, I am Science graduate and having 8 years experience in
pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Now i like to start own pharma
company with own brands. i having same confusion After registration
of privet ltd. company and brand registration for Trade Mark , Need to
select third party manufacturer, c&f and district wise stockist . At
which step I need D.L. and if I don’t have own D.L. so what can do ?
Please Guide for same.


You need drug license number before going in third party manufacturing. Manufacturer will not manufacture your brands without your drug license number. For receiving, stocking and dispatching of medicines, you need drug license number. Read whole requirement for pharma marketing company here

For own marketing company, you should apply for drug license number.

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