How to A Start Pharma Manufacturing Company?


I registered the own Pharmaceutical company 2015 and I am willing to start manufacturing , under own brand new what is the procedure and how much investment required. 
1) How much area required to start manufacturing company and also investment? 
2) What kinds of drugs need to manufacturing I am interested in Anti-Diabetic, Anti-TB and Anti-Cancer. 
3). Minimum from how many product I can start manufacturing dose I need all kinds of products such as injections, formulation and API. 
4) How many days required to get the license for product for manufacturing. 
5) can I export them to over seas if I am having suitable market at overseas? 
6) Can I start Pharma Marketing company under the same roof? or need to registered other company?
7) No of staff required for the Company. 
8) Can I do the third party manufacturing for other or outsource my projects. Thanks


1. Area required to start manufacturing company and approximate investment, you can read at our article: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit Project

2. You can manufacture any type of drugs which you will get approval from drug department. You will have to provide list of molecules you want to manufacture along with your drug license file. Check list of document for pharmaceutical manufacturing unit

3. There is different requirements for different type of products. Simple tablet/capsule plant will require different requirements where as injection plant will require total sterilized and aseptic conditions. API will require different requirements. You will need different plants or premises/floor for staring these three things.

4. Time required is dependent at time you complete all necessary requirements for getting approval from drug control office. If there is no objection at your file, you will get manufacturing license after inspection of your plant by drug control officer.

5. If you fulfill all requirement as per exporting country, you can export to any country. Read in detail about Export of pharmaceutical Products

6. You have to separate your marketing company premises from manufacturing company premises.

7. Staff depend at your work load other than authorized staff like manufacturing chemist and analytical chemist.

8. You can do third party manufacturing from your unit. Read at complete about third party manufacturing here

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