Either private limited company or one person company will be beneficial for the pharmaceutical marketing

I am interested to incorporate a Pharma marketing company. Either private limited company or one person company will be beneficial for the same. Regarding the drug licence i want to have a C&F drug license and appoint some wholesaler for the marketing the company products. Is it helpful or not? kindly help in this regard and provide any other important information which will be helpful for starting the business.Anticipating your response.

Starting own marketing company is very good idea but it requires patience and hard work to establish a successful pharma company. It has many challenges but have very good margin also.

For starting pharma marketing company, you need wholesale distribution licence and for sale tax purpose Good and Service Tax Registration.
Whether you start with single person company or private limited company that not much matter in pharma marketing. But if you have two or more partners then you should register your company as private limited. The marketing type you want to establish comes under PCD/Franchisee company. Wholesaler who does marketing for pharma companies are mostly work as a franchisee on monopoly rights. If you want to work on drug licence and appoint some wholesaler for the marketing the company products, it will definitely help you. Mostly PCD/Franchisee company work like this and getting high profits and market sale.

For starting Pharma marketing company, we will recommend- if you have PCD/Franchisee or Marketing experience then you can start it yourself. If you don’t have much experience, you should start after appointing experience person or with experience partner. Appointing Distributors for marketing is becoming difficult work due to high competition. You have to supply your products at net rates to the distributors after fixing your margin at manufacturing cost.

After choosing company name, you should apply it for trade mark registration.
Firstly Prepare list of products you want to launch, Make adequate research about products which you want to add in your product list as per market demand.
Get ready designing and other art work for packing, visual-aids and promotion material.
Above work, you can do before applying drug license number. But for manufacturing of products at third party basis, you need drug license number. Select good manufacturer for your product who manufacture quality products. Manufacturing of products mostly takes 35-40 days. Near about 60 days require to start a marketing company.

Hope above information was useful to you…

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