Will it be wise to start pharma company from small state?

I’m 12yrs experience in this pharma field, working in reputed company, in a SMALL STATE, now I am thinking to start a pharma marketing company. under my brand name and all. I have read your article regarding this. I have a few question, that, 
1. being in my current company if I want to start a new company in my wife’s name, ( proprietor name), how to manage all registration process.
2. Will it be wise to start from small state, because in the PRODUCT packaging box Company address will be written.
3. Can I directly bill the product to a stockist (I appointed) from contract manufacturer?(without having a Cnf)
4. Will it be wise to think that, I will be able to give my company a ethical look later on, and to expand it in across country? (Please consider current market scenario of marketing)


1. You can start your company from your wife name. You can take all registration at your wife name. You can manage side by all registration process along with your current job.
2. Its not problem to start from any small town. Only thing you need to check is your marketed by address. Read our article: Marketed by address and what is importance of it?
3. You can directly bill to stockist without involvement of cnf.
4. Every big thing start from small steps. Pharmaceutical sector is growing with high speed and there are lot of opportunities for new start-ups to be successful.
Hope above information is helpful to you…
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