Propaganda Cum Distribution

PCD meaning:
PCD is abbreviation used for term Propaganda cum Distribution in pharma market. Propaganda is a latin word meaning ‘to spread or to propagate’.
In pharmaceutical sector PCD term is used for the distributors who spread or market company products along with distribution. Most of times PCD is considered as pharmaceutical franchise companies but there is some difference in PCD companies and Franchise Companies.In PCD, method of marketing could be branded or generic type but in franchise system, method of marketing is completely branded type.

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In PCD, sales target is high and compulsion of monthly/yearly sale but in franchise system, sales target could be less or even there could be no sales target. Instead of few differences, its difficult to differentiate between PCD companies and Pharma Franchise Companies.

Propaganda term in pharmaceutical market was developed by small pharma companies to increase their presence in market and to provide competition to big pharmaceutical companies. This was revolution in pharma market and give opportunities to health professionals to start pharmaceutical company and own pharma marketing.

What are the advantage for pharma PCD companies:

What are the advantage for Distributors/stockist or Franchisees:

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