How to become Franchisee/Pcd Pharma Distributor?


I want to start my own franchise please give guideline


For starting franchise of any company, you need to be prepared mentally strong. As we have discussed in our previous articles, its just like to launch a new head quarter for your pharma company. It takes time to establish your franchise business in your territory. So you should be patience during this process.

Read few articles that will be helpful to you

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Above articles are based upon our readers queries. These will provide you complete idea about franchise system, problem faced, best method for starting, things and time required, how to generate prescription etc.

We will suggest some more tips as below:

  • Start at small level i.e single territory or area. Increase it gradually if you find satisfactory results.
  • You should take Monopoly marketing agreement from company at mutual agreed term and conditions. All term and conditions should be in written. No verbally terms should be accepted.
  • Associate with company who don’t have any target system but if company provide lot of facilities and regular stock availability then you may think about this.
  • Confirm from company that all products will be available regularly or not. If there is shortage problem, then how many days it will take to come product in stock.
  • What type of support is provided by company in promotion and marketing.
  • Conduct proper market research before launching any products.
  • Launch products in starting for which you are sure. you can sell easily. Launch number of products as per your convince. May be 4-5-6 or any more as you prefer.
  • Don’t disclose anyone, you are franchise of company unless you have established your business properly. Always introduce yourself as a sales representative or manager of pharma company.
  • In case, you are launching with one or more than two medical representatives, launch it in systematic process with system that is followed by MNC’s.
  • Doctors who have best links with you, you can disclose to them, you have franchise of that company after taking them in confidence so they can freely tell their expectation and sale to you.
  • If company don’t provide much promotional support, arrange promotional material from your side but don’t let promotion down.
  • Read here: What could be profit margin for franchisee/pcd distributors
  • Calculate all Price to retailer and Price to Stockist by clicking here

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Hope above information was useful to you….

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