What are the possibilities to register our own trade name product?


We are registered pharmaceutical marketing company as proprietor firm, we are interested to register and market the pharmaceutical product (our own trade name) in Maharashtra.
The formula and other required documents will be belongs to manufacturer, they will manufacture the product for us.
Kindly guide us possibility to register our own trade product and market in Maharashtra and documents required for.
Our first product of interest in “Amoxiciline suspension”.


Yes Sir, Pharma Manufacturers can manufacture your brands at third party manufacturing basis.
You can choose your own brand name and get manufactured your own brand name products. For registering of your brand name, you can apply for Trade Mark Registration. You can know about complete process and documentations here: How to register your Brand as Trade Mark ™ Registration (r).
you can also read below article to know more about:
Where to register your Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic Products before launching in Indian market

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