How can a Foreigner purchase medicines from Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers?


It is my pleasure to write here for you.
I am a foreigner at Delhi now
I asked for medicine from a pharmaceutical factory at early time and they have already finished the production.
However, they didn’t sell it to me since I am just a single individual.
They say only if I have some qualifications(drug license number and a tax number) can they sell the medicine to me.
Thus, what I want to know now is if I want to obtain these qualifications(drug license number and a tax number), should I open a pharmacy or register a company engaged in the management of medicine?
I was wondering whether you can provide help and suggestions for me.
For example, can you find partners for me or give me some suggestions about the registration of company?
Which city and which area do you think I should open the pharmacy?
If you are willing to help me, I am glad to give you generous rewards.
Thank you very much
I look forward to hearing from you.

Pharma Business in India is covered under Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules. A pharmaceutical company can bill only medicine to a person who has proper drug license number. Sale tax number is used for commercial transaction in India.

You have to option for purchasing medicines from manufacturer.
1. You have own firm (Wholesale/Marketing Company) having Drug License Number and Sale Tax Number 

2. You appoint a wholesaler/distributor as authorized to whom you can get billed your medicines from manufacturer

From above two options, you can choose. If you want to set-up own firm having drug license number and sale tax number, then you have to fulfill basic requirement needed for it. Basic requirements, you can read at our article: How to set-up wholesale business in Pharma?

For Pharma Company Registration:
You have to apply at ministry of corporate affairs website:
All requirements, you can read at our article: How to register a Pharma Company
Along with company registration, you have to apply for wholesale drug license and sale tax number as we discussed above.

If you want to do domestic market, then any city of India, can be good for set-up marketing company (Medicine Management Company). But if you want to export from India then you should prefer metro cities or cities near by to major metro cities.

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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