Is it possible that my marketing address is in Karnataka and my drug licence and TIN from Hyderabad?

I am ———– from hyderabad running a small pharma distribution in hyderabad.
First of all thank you for the THE PHARMA FRANCHISE HELP it is a informative knowledge bank especially for people like us.
My Query: I want to start Pharma Marketing Company. After going through Pharmafranchiseehelp i came to a conclusion that my marketing address should be from other state.
1) Is it possible that my marketing address is in karnataka and my drug licence and TIN from hyderabad so that it would be easy to receive stock and promote my product in hyderabad.
2) Whether I can use my pharma distribution Drug licence and Tin/cst/vat for the company or else i have to take a new drug licence and TIN.
3) If my marketing address is from karnataka. I guess I have to register my company in karnataka.
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1). You can show your sales office or marketing office in address at Karnataka and can use this address as your marketed by address. and take license in hyderabad for stocking and delivery of medicines.

2) you can use your existing license for this purpose but We will recommend you to take separate license for company to avoid any problem in future.

3). Not necessarily, you have to register your company in Karnataka. You can take a premises at rent for your sale office purpose. And show marketed by address of same at product’s printing material.

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