I want to start own business in pharma... kindly guide me!!!


Hello my self —–,  I m MBA marketing along with 6 years experience in pharma marketing also. Recently I am work at mankind pharma want to start own business in pharma… kindly guide me!!!


Opening a pharma business is great option for experience persons. You have many options for starting pharma business. You can start retail shop, distribution and sales or you can associate with franchise company or you can start your own pharma marketing company. Your choice and selection depend at your field of experience. If you have sales experience along with marketing experience then association as franchise partner with pharmaceutical company will be best suitable for you.

Start your business by associating as franchise partner. If you are unaware about what is pharma franchise and how it works? read here.

If you wonder, why i suggest you pharma franchise marketing? The reason behind it that you can start it with minimum investment e.g. 5000 or above. Read this article how can a medical representative start his own franchise marketing. I hope it will help you. and also you can start it along with your current job. You won’t need to quite your job. When you have started to get enough money for you daily life and expenses, you can quite your job and start independently your own works.

If you worrying how to start then you can read this article based upon query from our reader: Will it be advisable for me that I appoint a stockist here and start working ?

From my point of view this is the best suitable medium to start. After establishing you franchise marketing, you can start your pharma marketing company also. If you are financially sound, you can start your own whole sale shop. one of the main advantage of your own whole sale shop is that you can prevent 10% stockist margin and second, you can get manufactured your own brand also along with franchise marketing. Procedure for third party manufacturing read here

Other than franchise marketing, you can open retail shop or wholesale shop, own marketing company as you prefer.

Hope you find above mail useful…

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