How to start Pharma Business?

Query:I am doing MBBS. I like to start a new pharma company.

How to Start?
How to develop a manufacturing unit, I should hire a company for this..
Where should I buy the ingredients.
If possible both…Can be started?
If manufacturing is done then marketing also be done right…
Can be started both
For manufacturing unit require large fund , documentations and formalities. Also require number of staff. As you mention, you don’t have any experience in field so starting with pharma marketing company will be better for you…



How should i proceed into it?
You have to set up company
Have to take wholesale drug license number and GST Number
How should I market ?
How it works?
Drugs which I buy?
As I have an eye on pharmaceuticals. I have numerous questions to be asked. Actually you are a company which is doing Pharma help or some others?
We are professionals who provide help
Not any company
We reply to all queries free of cost and add this to our blog for our readers knowledge
As we ask question you get irritated. Because we ask from the base.
We don’t irritate because we also learn from it
Before starting pharma franchise help
We don’t have much knowledge or experience but after replying we are becoming expert and learn new things daily
Its entertaining too to help others
We want to convert it as business model. Help along with business
Ok fine
how many drugs to be selected first?
And from where I should order the drugs, if directly from companies. I should make any agreement with companies. Whether I m able to meet up with them directly?
You can select any number of drugs which you find satisfactory to launch. Number doesn’t matter. You can start with 5 to 10 drugs
First form a company
Then contact third party manufacturers
You can meet them directly
Selection of drugs?
How does it work according to the area?
Sir you know better than me because you are going to be doctor. Every doctor prescribe different molecule. One doctor will prescribe cepfodoxime for one disease and another doctor will prescribe cefixime for similar disease. In pharma, sale is depend at doctor’s prescription, so its doctor’s choice which molecule he prefer for disease.
That’s way drug selection differ location wise, even hospital wise 

Hope above information is useful to you…

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