How to Choose Name for New Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Company or Business?

How to Choose Name for New Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Company or Business?

Choosing name for new company is always a difficult and most important task. Whether it is small shop, a retail counter, distribution, cnf, institutions or big/small companies, Name is their identity. We trust a product by a name, A name associated with that product. When we see a logo, A Name come in our mind. That  Following suggestion is not only applicable to Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic and Dietary Supplement Company but also applicable to all sectors.View Video to Learn more:

Before Choosing a name for any business think few facts:

  • Is it Satisfy the Business Identity Need?
  • Is it Unique?
  • How many Letters it has?
  • Is it easily remember able and pronounceable?
  • Is it has any silent character?
  • Is it directly related to business?
  • Is it technical and professional in nature?

If your business name satisfy above mentioned facts, then you can assure about your business name.

Queries related to Company Name and Brand Names:

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One of the most difficult part of any start-up is choosing best possible name. Company name should have character sticks that reflect business/industry identity and field of business. First letter of name should have following qualities: 3-8 character in first letter, easy to remember, easily pronounceable, no silent characters, straight forwarded, uniqueness, justify category, technical etc.

You can name your start-up with daily used words or common words. It is easy to name your start-up with these words but you have to make sure any other in industry hasn’t using this name and you can also eligible for trade mark registration for it. Read trade name registration process here. Few tips are given below that may help you for choosing name for your start-up:

Business Identity: Company name should reflect business and industry identity e.g. in pharmaceutical market, it may be ended or started with bio, pharma, cure, healthcare, life sciences, lab, laboratories etc words. It provides better recognition within and outside industry e.g. Elzac Herbals reflect herbal products company and Ayurveda Elzac reflect its Ayurvedic division.
Letters: Short and simple name always attract attention and business. In first letter of company name, should have 3-8 letters. Letters may be less or more but word should be unique identity. e.g. big company names like elzac, sun, idea, reliance, biocon, unichem etc.
Easy to remember and easily pronounceable: Company name should be easily remember-able. Pronunciation should also be easy and accurate. Simple words create more brand image than difficult words. Daily used word give magical results like sun, moon, door, window etc.
No silent characters: Every letter in name should be pronounced while speaking. Silent character may create wrong pronunciation and misleading type image. Every person will pronounce name differently and brand image will be effected.
Straight Forwarded: Company name should have it future looking prospect. It give clearly proposal of particular thing or services. If persons find your name, it will leave exact impression in person’s mind.
Technical and Professional: Name should be technical. How will it looks like if a pharma company has name Haldiram, Munsiram etc. These names reflect clear image of halwai or sweet shop brand. Pharma names should have suffix or prefix related to pharma.
Uniqueness: Last but not the least, it should be unique in pronunciation and availability. No other firms should have resemble or similar name. Uniqueness create brand more easily than similar name.
Method of Choosing Business Name:
Step 1: Make a List of common words e.g. Moon, Sun, Start, Flower etc
Step 2: Find out initial Keywords from words you listed in step 1.
Step 3: Add more letters or keywords to make it meaningful word.
Step 4: Prepare altleast 15-20 words
Step 5: Shortlist best words from above words
Step 6: Check availability for trade mark registration. Visit and search trade name at public search option.
Step 7: Choose one who doesn’t resemble to any other name in Industry.
Step 8: Add suffix or prefix like bio, pharma, ayurveda, herbal as per your industry need
Example List of Names for Your new Pharma company:

You can choose from below names but you should vary it at your own also. You can add pharma, pharmaceutical, life sciences, biomed, biotech or any term as you want after or before these names. We have not searched these names at trade mark public search at ——- before sending you and do not take responsibility for any resemblance and duplicacy, you should vary it at your own to finalize your company name. Followings are few examples, if you will provide us some specifications in name then we can provide best possible reply.

  • Rabnew pharma
  • Carat Healthcare
  • Compete Pharma
  • Calical Drugs
  • Zirex life sciences
  • Metsun formulations
  • Clear cure pharmaceuticals
  • Burn heal biotech
  • Cidi medtech
  • Otitis cure
  • Sinus labs
  • Paryn
  • Exa life care
  • Lid care
  • Spect healthcare
  • Spur bioherbals
  • Window labs
  • Lemon pharma

Or you can send us detail which type of name you are looking for mention in comment section. We will try to find best suitable name..

Hope you will find above name useful or you will get idea from above names to find best name for your pharma company.

If you have more best way to choose company name, write us at

  1. Please suggest a new and unique name of Phrama profission name of company

  2. Please suggest some names starting with K,L,M and trade mark availability.

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    Please suggest me the best neme from using the below names for my company.

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  6. These names are resembling with multi national companies name. We can't help you choosing name from these…

    It is not good to start with already existing names. Choose unique name for your pharma company and make it a brand like them.

  7. I am looking for names for my new business,

    Business Field : Chemical (Desiccants)
    Business Type : Supplier (Import export, no manufacturing as of now)

    But don't include "Supplier" in name

    I prefer name should start with A or L or E

    Company will deal with allover world and may change form of business from chemical to other….but its a far away.

    I need user friendly name but with uniqueness.

  8. I'm reaching out to you seeking help to name my for small business pharmaceutical company. The company is based off of repurposing drugs, which means taking an existing drug that has an expired Patent and figuring out new cures for diseases. I'm looking for to be scientific as well. If you can help please do thank you

  9. I want to start my own marketing company. Please suggest me best name for my company.

  10. Please suggest me new pharmacuetical company name
    my whats app no 9416061308

  11. Please suggest me new pharmacuetical company name
    my whats app no 9416061308

  12. Nice to see your article and it has given me a deep insight of choosing a name of a company.
    Basically i am a pharma guy associated with a MNC company name starts with A. I am dealing with ophthalmic equipment and intra ocular lenses.
    While middle of my carrier perspective and working for more then 11 years in different pharmaceutical companies, now i want to go a ophthalmic startup.

    Can you please suggest me a good name starting with letter "A". I don't know why but i want to adhare on this letter only.

    Also if you can suggest me some other things.


  14. Hello mates, its impressive paragraph concerning teachingand completely explained, keep
    it up all the time.

  15. Please suggest unique brand name related to my herbal company
    we making herbal capsules and sell online
    I want name related ayurvedic name Hindi or English mix
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  16. Thanks for your valuable idea.

    I want to start a new pharmaceutical company.

    Please suggest some name which must be fullfill your's criteria.

    I want to add name either Shubh or Samriddh or both in the name of my compnay, if it is possible.

    Please suggest.

  17. I want to partner with a friend. We will love to use our names to open a pharmaceutical company. Our names are kelechi and osinachi. Please help us a good name from our names. Thank you.

  18. I have decided my company name. But I don't know is it available in market or not. So pls provide ur mail id so I will share u my company name for existing status

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  20. how is bio-vista healthcare pvt ltd
    or bio-vista life sciences pvt ltd

  21. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for giving valuable information about pharma sector.
    Sir my query is that I already have a wholesale license. Now I want to start a new pharma company with a different name. Can we do business on old wholesale license which have different name for new pharma company.
    Thank you
    Lokesh Brind

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