How to Attract Pcd/Franchise Parties to join Company?

I am working in a pharmaceutical company as s sale executive.. I am new in marketing.. Please help me how can i attract parties to join pcd in my company.. Some parties says that Rae is high so how can i attract?

Response:If you are facing price problem, you need to re-check rates of price list. Possibility is there, you rates are higher than that are provided by other companies. You should consult your higher staff members regarding this problem. Check rates at which other companies are providing goods to parties. One more thing you can do. Tell to the party that rates are negotiable, ask them to send there order along with required rates. This will help you to understand the requirement of party and rates also.

Higher rates are most common excuses for parties if they don’t want to take any company franchise. You should not discourage by this. Out of 100, average conversion rate is 4 to 5. You should continue your effort to join new pcd companies for your company.

Now discuss what a party look in company when party select a company.
A pcd party attract toward company due to following reasons:

  1. Product Range
  2. Party’s Need (Product party need present in your list or not)
  3. Packaging (Atleast average)
  4. Company Reputation
  5. Price/Rate ( If Reasonable)

Above five factors play important rule in attracting Parties. Price or rates are not primary thing that most of parties are look for. There are chances to attract parties through discussions and conversations but that is possible through personnel meet in most of cases. Through telephonic discussion, there are less chances if don’t fulfill first two requirements. Last three could be ignorable but first two is compulsory. We can’t attract pcd parties, we have to fulfill there requirements.

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