Government E-Platform for Pharma Trade

Drug department is reported to establish an online platform for regulating sale of all types of medicines sold in country. The objective of this step to ensure the availability of quality standard drug and regulate the supply of drugs under developed and effective way through autonomous infrastructure.

What is Proposed E-Platform for Pharma Trade?

Government has proposed an E-Platform system for pharma trade in which all pharmaceutical companies, distributors and retailers have to register them self and enter all details of sale/purchase of medicines along with batch number, quantity, expiry and other purchase/sale details like return, sale, stock, dispose etc. Details can be entered at least once every fortnight basis through mobile phone or computer. They have to fill purchase detail along with name of supplier, quantity, expiry and other related details where as sale detail with name of patient, doctor’s name against whose prescription medicines issued along with quantity, expiry and other related details. Address of patient is not necessary to mention. Detail of This step is come to prevent illegal drug trafficking and fake medicines. 
No retailer or e-pharmacy will be permitted to sell any medicines unless his pharmacy is registered on e-portal. Along with it, no dispensing/sale of drug would be permitted by any entity the area for which a license has been granted. All prescription record and patient’s detail has to enter at e-portal if any medicine include in Schedule H, H1 or X is dispensed where as patient detail is relaxed in case of medicines other than prescribed in Schedule H, H1 or X. But these medicines also could sell against prescription of registered medical practitioner only.
The details of medicines dispensed (includes prescribing doctor’s registration number or other authorized person’s identity number, name and registration number of pharmacist and quantity etc)  will be entered in the online portal and bill will be generated through the system

Hospitals and other clinical establishments will also be required to enter detail of medicines dispensed/distributed/issued/made available to patients along with any adverse reaction if occurs.

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