Estimate Budget for Pharmaceutical Marketing Company!!!


We are planning to start new pharmaceutical business as marketing company. We had decided combinations that want to sell. We are two partners and having concern of budget.

We want to know how to ensure good quality manufacturing. We want to know entire procedure to register new company and brand names too. We had decided following Brand compositions to start with. Please guide us for budget requirement, procedure and if possible good quality manufacturers.

  • Rabeprazol 40 mg+domperidon 30 mg SR capsules
  • Pantprzole 40 mg + domperidon 10 mg tablets
  • Montelukast 10+levocetrizine 5 mg tablets
  • Amoxycillin 500 mg + clavuanate125 mg tablets
  • Deflazacort 6 MG
  • Iron+b12+folic acid+zinc tablets
  • Calcium+calcitrio+minerals tablets
  • Aceclofenac100 mg + paracetamol 325 mg tablets
  • Etoricoxib + thiacolchicoside tablets
  • Cpm + codein + paracetamol + cetrizine
  • Ambroxol + guifenisine + terbutaline


You are two partners, you can start with partnership firm or private limited company. First thing you have done by choosing composition that you want to launch. Now you should choose Company Name and Brand Names. Budget is main thing you should consider before starting. Once you have entered into own company, you have to be successful otherwise you will loss all your invested money.

You can start with less products. You have to invest at many places i.e. products and market. You have to get manufactured your products at advance payment and have to provide product at credit along with investment at doctors/promotional. Its good to start with less but with full control than more but without control. In starting invest less in products and more in services. Your products shouldn’t be out of stock once, you have marketed it.

You should only get manufactured products from only Quality manufacturers those have gmp certificate. You can also ensure quality by testing at your own by independent laboratories. You should take COA (certificate of analysis) with every batch you take from manufacturer.

You can read our article – how to start pharmaceutical marketing company to know complete procedure and process to register you company name and brand name. If you want to know about pharmaceutical third party manufacturing click here

Approximate budget:
Documentation and Licenses: Apprx. 30000/-
Add 5000/- per product inventory for Packing Material and 2000/- approval charges.

  • Rabeprazol 40 mg+domperidon 30 mg SR capsules: 300*—-
  • Pantprzole 40 mg + domperidon 10 mg tablets: 300*——-
  • Montelukast 10+levocetrizine 5 mg tablets: 300*———
  • Amoxycillin 500 mg + clavuanate125 mg tablets: 300*——
  • Deflazacort 6 mg tablets: 300*——
  • Iron+b12+folic acid+zinc tablets: 300*—-
  • Calcium+calcitrio+minerals tablets: 300*——
  • Aceclofenac100 mg + paracetamol 325 mg tablets: 300*—-
  • Etoricoxib + thiacolchicoside tablets: 300*——–
  • Cpm + codein + paracetamol + cetrizine tablets: 300*—–
  • Ambroxol + guifenisine + terbutaline: 300*——
  • For these products inventory will be approximately: 432000/-

    Budget will also depend at your bargaining power and at what quantity you can minimized per product. Quantity mentioned above is standard and can vary manufacturer to manufacturer. Rates also provide idea only. They can be changed from actual rates. You should get proper rates from manufacturer before calculating actual budget for your company.

    One more Query:

    Sir i am face to set the company name and brand name. Can you help me and the cefpodoxime manufacturing price as per your valuable sugession

    Company name selection criteria you can read above and Same qualities also should have in brand name: short, easy to remember, easily pronounceable, no silent characters, straight forwarded, uniqueness, justify category, technical ….

    Cepfodoxime 100 mg manufacturing cost is nearly —/- per 100 tab
    200 mg is nearly —-/- per 100 tab

    Hope above information was useful to you…

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    1. I want to start pharma company at very low budget. But I can’t decide which will be better for me, marketing or manufacturing company. Because its fully depends on bank loan.
      If I start marketing company, then how can I advertised my products in market and how much costing will be come.

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