How to start Franchise/Pcd Based Pharma Company?

We are intend to start franchises pharma companies. Can you extend your support for companies who want the business.


You can start franchises pharma company. There are two type of pharma companies present in India who provide franchises.
1. Pharma Manufacturing Companies
2. Pharma Marketing Companies
(Read about complete procedure for starting company by clicking at these links)

You can choose either of above option to start with. You need to make a good number of products list for starting franchise based company. You can’t start with one or two products for franchise company. Most of franchise base start-ups start with at least more than 60 products in their list. List having more than 100 products in franchise market is considered to be good. So there is require more investment in franchise base company as compare to other types of company but one major advantage in franchise/pcd companies is that you doesn’t need marketing/sales staff to sell your products; you only need to appoint pcd/franchise distributors state/district wise to sell your products. You distributors/franchisee will act like your sales force and market your products to doctors and healthcare professionals.

If you are worrying about how to sell through franchise marketing, you can read in our article: How to sell through franchise/pcd marketing?

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