Can we use Manufacturer's drug license number for own marketing company?


I want to start a new pharma marketing company, for that drug licence is necessary, as we wish to get our all products from third party n all the third party manufacturer have their own drug licence. So can we use their drug licence
For our marketing company.


I agree with your’s this argue. It is pretty new to us also. Your query is similar to one more query

In above query, our reader want to know resemble to your query. But he don’t want to use his company name but only manufacturers name present at packing. You also want similar thing but want to use own company name also. Reading above article may also useful to you.
This may be good but this has number of drawbacks…
  • You can use manufacturer’s drug license number or not, that depends at manufacturer, if he will be ready to do that or not . One more possibility there, he will charge extra for its whole sale drug license number.
  • Total dependency of product at single manufacturer. You can’t shift your products from him even in case of sub standard quality or not timely dispatched.
  • You can’t manufactured molecules that are not available to him. If you want to get manufactured those molecules, then you have to convince those manufacturers also for this.
  • Ownership of brand names will be effected if you don’t apply for trade mark or when you have to provide proof of ownership.
  • This system may be beneficial for one or two products manufacturing only. In that case also you will require a distributor in your area also.
  • And many more
You can do one more thing, you can use any distributor license number to get manufactured your products with your company marked by address. But you will need of Company Registration and Trade Mark Registration essentially for protecting your intellectual property. This will be much better for you. There may also be few drawbacks but it will provide freedom of work and removal of dependency at manufacturer. Also in future you can change distributor and manufacturer both if not found satisfactory.
Hope above information is helpful to you…
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  1. so in that case do I required to take a gst number and how i will take money from that particular distributor.

    1. In That case you will need of GST Number and Company Registration for doing business

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