Can a Company avoid Stockist to sell products directly to Chemist?


I had been reading your website for a few month now.It has cleared so many doubts.However i have few more doubts that I need to clear.I want to start a pharma marketing company where i will sell drugs under my brand name.
Here are my doubts
1)Can i avoid stockists and C&FA and contact chemists directly?or will that be a problem in the coming time?
2)Are third party manufacturers and contract manufacturers same?
3)Do the manufacturers provide with drug samples and other items such as pens,pads,diaries etc as gift items or do we have to ask for it and purchase it from them?
4)If i must have a stockist then can they sell my medicine without any prescription from the doctors?
Thanks a lot for the information.It is a very helpful website.


1. You can avoid Stockist and C&F and can directly contact chemists directly but in some states, distributor associations may hurdle in your working.
2. Third party manufacturers and Contract manufacturers are almost same.
3. Manufacturer will not provide and its not their work to provide you all these things. Its your work as marketing company to arrange all marketing and promotional material from your end.
4. If you appoint a stockist, he will not sell your product without generating prescription unless you sell it as generic product. Or you can appoint a franchise distributor who will sell your product by generating prescription at his end.

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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