Versatile local anaesthetic good both for surface application as well as injection. 
Injected around a nerve to blocks conduction within 3mins. 
Anaesthesia is more intense and longer lasting.

Indications : 

  • Surface application, 
  • Infilteration, 
  • Nerve block, 
  • Epidural, 
  • Spinal and intravenous regional block anaesthesia. 
  • Topical useful for pain and itching due to minor burns, 
  • Insect bites, 
  • Haemorroids, 
  • Fissures. 
  • Endotracheal intubation. 
  • Ontological, rectal and vaginal examination. 
  • Urethral operations, 
  • Catheterization, 
  • Cystoscopy. 
  • Painful cystitis.
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