I want to start my own pharma company with multivitamin, iron and calcium. Please send me the budget.


Hello sir,

I want to start my own pharma company with multivitamin, iron and calcium through third party manufacturing. please send me the budget.


Cost of Documentation and procedure you can read here: How to start pharma marketing company?

Packing material cost you can study here: How much inventory required for third party manufacturing?

Above costing is one time investment. Below find the product wise costing. Rate is roughly mentioned. You can get exact rates from manufacturer and calculate it according to following calculation.

Multivitamin: Tablet/Capsule: Tablet will cost around —/- per 100 tab
Capsule will cost: 55-60/- per 100 cap including packing material
Minimum 300 box then –*300= —–/- in tablet
Minimum 300 box then –*300= —–/- in capsule

Most common tablet for Iron is Ferrous ascorbate with Folic acid and Zinc Sulphate.

Costing is —-/- per 100 tablet in pharma. Food supplement it may be less as –/- per 100 tablet. But you should give preference in pharma.
minimum 300 box then —*300= —–/-

Calcium is available in many form. Generally all calcium forms will be available under –/- per 100 tablet.
Minimum 300 Box then –*300=—–/-
Taxes and transportation is extra.

Documentation cost will be nearly 25000/- thousand plus Packing material cost as you read in above link i.e.15000/-(approx. 5000 per product) plus Multivitamin tablet/capsule cost plus iron tablet cost plus calcium tablet. It comes to nearly ——/- i.e. you can consider approximate 1.25-1.50 lakh in starting.

We are not mentioning rate of products here at our website due to objection by pharma companies. So we are just leaving rate space is blank. You can calculate approximate company start-up cost by getting rates from manufacturer or through mail from us.


Now, we are finally going to start a pharma company, I just wanted some guidance from you.
We are 5 members will make investment of 1 lac each.
So what products should we launch initially.
And what will be the budget for the same.
Also can u guide us about legal formalities n where to do it for company registration.
Should we start with 3 to 4 products? and which should they be?
Which product you should launch depend at region, you are going to launch company. Do proper market research about product selection. Starting with your most selling products will be best option for you. Food and dietary supplements could be good option to start. Launching products can’t be suggested in pharma market. That depend at territory market conditions.

Read our article: How much investment is required to start pharma company? for knowing budget.
Main legal formalities are:
  • Drug license number
  • Private limited company registration
You can register your company in your city or any other location, where you prefer.
It is very good option to start with 4 to 5 products. Start with less products and increase it gradually as business grow. About product selection, we can’t recommend. You can start with one liquid along with 2-3 tablet/capsule preparations or as you find in your market research.
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  1. Dear sir, i would like to bring your attention at, i want to start a medicine wholesale business like small(C&F) and my budget is RS-1,500,000 lakh initially, i don't have any experience in the same line of business,while having the experience in operation, sale and marketing, i am aware about my potential customer as well as suppliers.
    My query is,
    1- regarding cost of software which store all detail about medicine stoke (medicine detail manufacturing and expiry date,no of medicine is available in stores and today sales with price)
    2- how can calcute the selling price(profit)in wholesale product.
    kindly suggest me of my above query
    thank you very much

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