How to Start TV Shopping Channel Business Model Ayurvedic Company?


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We are very interested in starting an Ayurveda medicine marketing company. For this we have few queries:
1. Our business model is based on TV Shopping channels. We have extensive experience in this business with mostly electronic products. Is there any legal issue, if we want to get into Ayurveda medicine selling on TV shopping channels?
2. We do not want to get into manufacturing so we are looking at third party manufacturers. Will these third party manufacturers have any issues if we sell their product on TV channels?
3. Can you help us connect and meet with third party Ayurveda medicine manufacturers in Delhi or other parts of the country?
Your response is awaited!


1. Most of Ayurvedic Products are sell as a Over the Counter Products. you can sell these through TV Shopping channel but you can’t claim any treatment or cure from these products in advertisement. You can use Useful or Helpful words while claim any indication There are certain laws and regulations for Ayurvedic Products advertisement, you have to follow them only. Few Ayurvedic Products are required use under medical supervision, only these products can’t be sell through TV Shopping Channel. If you can arrange any BAMS doctor to solve the problems of patients through TV as many channels and advertisers do, then it will be much better.
2. Through Third Party manufacturing, manufacturer will manufacture products with your brand name. In your brand names and company name, manufacturer will not have any objection where you sell your products.
3. We are based in Karnal (Haryana) near Delhi. We have very strong links with Ayurvedic Manufacturers. Call us at ——– for arranging meeting with manufacturers.

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