How to register brand name for Ayurvedic Company?

I want to manufacture own Ayurvedic products from third party manufacturing,we want to register brand name of so that we will market that product. Our brand should not be used by other. Please guide me in this matter

Brand name you have to be registered under trade name and trade mark. Choose unique name and apply for trade mark registration. Read complete process of Trade Mark registration here: How to register brand name?

Brand Name registration is long procedure. It may take more than one and half year. Once you have applied for it, you can mention TM above brand name and after registration you can mention (R) above it.

After your brand name registration, no one can use your Brand Name for any product. It will provide your brand name security under trade mark act 1999 and rules. You can search for Brand Name by visiting:

Applying for trade mark registration is not meaning, your brand name has been registered. It has been follow complete process to be registered. At any stage if department found it is similar or resembling to any existing brand, it may be show you objected after some time. If some one feel after seeing your brand name in Gazette, he/she can file opposition and your brand name will show opposed. Show search or choose your brand name very carefully.

Trade mark is applied through advocates who specially deals with trade mark and patents.

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