How to start Pharma Company from less than 10 Brands?

I do have experience as a Representative in 4 years and as a area manager in 5 years.I do have experience in general and cardiac segments.i am planning to start one pharma company with launching of 3 head quarters by taking the stocks from manufacturers. For that i need your guidance as following things…
1. Give me suggestion that in company name.
2. With which brands, i can built min 1 lakh pcpm in 4-6 months
3. Can u help that am I doing right thing.
4. If yes,what are the instructions i have to follow
5. If no,what things i have to learn for how long.
I am planning to do focus on 2-3 brands for diabetic seg
2-3 brands for ortho & Gyn
2-3 brands for nerve pain management.
totally i want to launch 8-9 brands with limited customers in every hq.
So can u help me please ,is there any better idea which is useful to me.


1. Name should be decent, attractive, simple, easily pronounceable, technical and suited to pharma etc. read in detail about Name selection by clicking here
2. Its not possible to make 1 lac income in 4-6 months with any brands. It takes some time to establish a newly launch company, so be patience in your journey. About Product selection (Brand), you know better than us because you know better which products you can sell into market.Read in detail product selection in pharma sector by clicking here
3. Thinking and planning about brighter future is a right thing. But you should prepare for all situations during your entrepreneur journey.
4. First few years is crucial for any new start-ups. You should first create some financial resources for living expenses before leaving your current job. read related article to check few more facts here
5. You have to learn many aspects that are mandatory for establishing any type of business. Selling products of a established company and newly launched company is different things. You have to build confidence in yourself. Read in detail about how to start business by clicking here

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Hope above information is helpful to you…
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