How to become entrepreneur this year?

How to become entrepreneur this year?

What’s for 2017?

If 2016 wasn’t good for your entrepreneur journey, make 2017 a tremendous year for yourself. If you hadn’t start toward your entrepreneurship, make a resolution for make a step toward your destiny. Journey toward entrepreneurship was never easy and will never be easy in future also.

“Don’t wait for good time to start anything; make a start, present time will become perfect for your start-up”. We have wasted 2016 but we can’t waste 2017. Every year we waste, more competition will grow. We have to wait for more time to become profitable enterprises.

Let make an effort toward our dream. We all have only single dream and that dream is to become a successful entrepreneur. We regularly thing about ideas and ways to start own business but every time we take a step; some unknown hurdles come across our way and we settle back in our daily routine. Then we forget it for some time. Suddenly we listen a story of a self made billionaire, dream come out from our mind and we search through internet and read inspirational books to fulfill our aim but after some time same story repeats.

This is story of every employee who has been spent more than five years in any type of industry. Every year we promise our self to enter into entrepreneurship but we fail. Let make 2017, a different year. For creating different in our life; we have to start doing and viewing things differently from today.

Things from where we can start differently in 2017:

1. Start with what we have: Looking for huge financial investment or great idea is not all for starting a journey. We can start with only what we have like knowledge, experience, views, networking, social contact, technology etc. Companies like Facebook, Google, Sun Pharma etc wasn’t started with much investment but now they are well known names. Starting with something we have always a great idea for successful journey toward our aim.

2. Start as a Part Timer: Not necessarily, we leave our job and start a fresh journey toward entrepreneurship. We can start our venture in our spare time and add value to it at regular basis. We can continue our job till our venture starts to earn enough for our expenses and living.

3. Make hobby as Business: Our Hobbies may become business for us. Every person has some great hobbies like listening, writing, speaking, cooking, managing etc. We can start from our hobbies to earn some more rupees. Suddenly we will realize will have crossed a level in our journey.

4. Don’t Wait, Act Fast: Don’t wait for perfect time, only act on idea. Spending more time at thinking create doubt in mind and make it difficult to step further. Thinking before acting is great thing but excessive thinking about pro and cons about failure and success make it difficult to start anything new.

5. Walk if you can’t Run: Starting-up is most important thing; at which level we take it in 2017 is not important. If we can’t succeed in fast way, we can walk slowly until we find a reason to run for it.

Hope above information is helpful to you…

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