How to start Herbal Pharma Company?


I want to start a herbal pharma company in which drug formulation will be my own but all lab testing and manufacturing and packaging will be done by some other manufacturer having valid license, but brand name will be mine and marketing will be done by me. I want to know that is it possible according to my requirement above mentioned to open company. I need help about first step to all step regarding all licence and other terms. i don’t know anything regarding how to open this so plz help me..


You can open Ayurvedic marketing company and start marketing of own brands. read here : Requirements to open ayurvedic marketing company?

You can provide drug formulation to manufacturer(Having Ayurvedic manufacturing license) to manufacture it. Manufacturer has to pass all formalities for getting its approval from AYUSH department. Read complete detail regarding approval of any new formulation in Ayurveda. If you products in your brands with already approved formulation at manufacturer then your process will be easy and you can get your products at short time.

After approval manufacturer will be allowed to manufacture it with your brand name. For security of your brand names, we will recommend to apply these for trade mark. Read process of trade mark here

Hope above mentioned links will provide you required informations. Initially you should create a marketing company by private limited registration or simply by taking TIN/VAT/CST. Prepare list of products, you want to manufacture and choose brand name for them. Try to apply for trade mark for as much as products and company name, you can apply. Then search for third party manufacturers. Read Third party manufacturing process here.

Its not so complex procedure. Manufacturing and printing/packing work will be handled by manufacturer. you just need to concentrate at marketing.

Hope above information was useful to you….

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