How to get manufactured new herbal product combinations?

We are the unit of people from medical and pharmaceutical background. We had developed few Herbal products based on research and scientific basis.
However, we don’t have facility to manufacture these products. We have following queries.
  1. From where we can manufacture these products from Maharashtra or Telangana?.
  2. If we manufacture these products from some party, how we assure that our formula for the product will not be used by other people?.


Herbal products could be manufactured in two way:

  • As a Dietary and Food Supplements
  • As a Ayurvedic Medicinal Product

In dietary and food supplements, you can’t claim any medicinal claim. You have to sell it as food supplement and there will be clear indication at packing that “Dietary and Food supplement, not for medicinal use”. You can get manufactured your product from any food supplement manufacturing company. Company will take approval as dietary supplements.

In Ayurvedic product, Product approval require clinical trail report which is generally required approval of at least three BAMS doctors for at least three months of period or may vary state to state. Specifications that require approvals are indications, dosage form, efficacy or side effects if any etc. You can claim medicinal property of combinations of herbs.

You can get manufactured your product from Ayurvedic third party Manufacturers present in Maharashtra or Telangana.

For protection of your formula, you have to apply for patent with complete details and scientific research documents. Once your product is patented, no one can use same formula without your permission. You will authorized any manufacturer to manufacture this formulation for you. Patent is only alternative otherwise if you get formulation approval at manufacturer basis, he will be free to manufacture this formulation for any other party without your prior permission.

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