How to start-up pharma company by Pharmacy Student?

Hi sir I’m pharmacy student. I read your article on internet now i am studied in B. pharma final year and I want to start up my pvt pharma company but i don’t have any idea regarding that…so my questions are..
1. How to start up pharma company & whats are the different steps for that ?
2. What should i do for that(pvt company) after completing of my degree?
Sir you can reply me in marathi, hindi or in english language also.
Its good to think about start-up pharma company but we will advise you to get few years experience in Pharmaceutical Sector. Pharmaceutical sector is complex one and you should get some knowledge of pharmaceutical sector.

For starting pharma company, Read requirements for start-up companies in our below two linked articles:

For knowing Pharma Marketing Company click here

For knowing Pharma Manufacturing Company Click here

Here we have mentioned complete detail for starting pharma company. In marketing company article, you will also find requirements of private limited company registration or click here

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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  1. Karthik CS says:

    Dear Mr. Ajay,

    With New Drug Control rules, can you guide how to apply for new license and what is the procedure ??

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