How to start business in Ayurvedic and Food Supplement Sector?

At the onset my sincere appreciation to your efforts in sharing vast knowledge through your website and encouraging willing persons to start their own business of pharma/ayurvedic marketing. It is rare to see successful businessmen to share knowledge and ‘secrets’ of their own domain.
1. I am planning to start my own marketing company and also sell products through online.
2. Planned product line:
Ayurvedic medicine
Food supplements
Health foods
Organic foods etc.3. Would want to limit allopathic products to proteins, multivitamins, OTC products only.
I have following queries:
Query 1:
Is any DL or Food Licences required for “marketed by“…, for ayurvedic medicine and cosmetics, health foods and drinks, foods supplements, organic foods and other food products.



For sale and Marketing of Ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics(Not for medicinal use) Products, you don’t need any drug license number. For selling food supplements, you will require registration at FSSAI.


Query 2: Is it advisable to go “Marketed By” right from the beginning.


If you have some type of marketing experience in field or online then its ok to go in marketed by. If you are new then you should first take distribution of franchise of any company and start marketing first.


Query 3: What is the minimum investment required?


Investment depend at number of products, you launched as marketed by. You can presume fifteen to twenty thousand per products. But investment depend at cost per product. Read about Investment Required here


Query 4: How good is the idea to start online and personal selling before going through trade channel.

Selling online is good idea. It depend at your capacity to sell online. Selling online and through trade channel are two different thing. You need to concentrate at one thing with full attention. Read About How to Sell Online?


Query 5: What are minimum quantities or batches for various products – liquid, powder and capsule/tablet form in ‘private label’?

Minimum Order Quantity of liquid in Ayurvedic industry is 1000 pc plus packaging material security
MOQ for Powder is 1000 pc
MOQ for Tablets/capsule is 20000 cap/tab


Query 6: What is the cost of product approvals in ayurvedic, food supplement category?


Vary company to company and state to state. It is approximately 2000-3000/- per product

Query 7: What are minimum batch sizes supplied by you under ‘market by’ label?


As mentioned in point 5

Query 8: Terms and conditions for working with you as your distributor or pcd?


Flexible terms and condition based upon mutual discussion. Read about Term and Conditions Here

Read in detail about starting Food and Feed Supplement Company here
Hope above information is useful to you…
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