How to Distribute Derma Products?


I am from ——–. I have many clinics and importing some derma products. I also have one distributing company.
But currently I have not distributed any derma products from India. I just bought a big amount of some products from the India and resell back in my country.
I have idea to distribute some of the products.
May I know how I should proceed ?


Some derma products could be sell out through prescription as well as OTC basis. You can proceed by appointing medical representative and generate prescription from doctors or directly promoted to chemists and other retailers. Selling through generating prescription will be much better option.

Setting-up is strong distribution channel is first requirement for distributing and selling any products. Without distribution channel your all efforts may result to zero. First build a distribution channel then distribute these products: Read in our article: How to build strong Distribution Network?

Hope above information is helpful to you…

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