How should I go for pharma wholesale?

Query:I want to start a pharma wholesale dealership of Prescription branded pharma products to hospitals. I have experience of managing a pharmacy in a hospital setting for a year. have contacts with a few hospitals for supplying. how should I go about it?


You can search a company who haven’t any dealer in your area. First you will need to create a wholesale firm having wholesale drug license number and GST number.

After setting-up wholesale firm, you will require distribution of a company. This will most important and challenging work to find a prescription branded company for distribution. You have to contact number of pharma companies and ask them about distribution-ship in your area. If some is vacant there, they will provide you distribution.

Hospital supply is good option. Prescription branded companies sell their products at only doctors prescription. In that case doctor’s prescription is only way for their sales and yours too. Company Medical representatives will generate sale from doctors and you will supply to them.

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