How to take Distribution ship of Big pharma company?


I am looking forward to start wholesale business for ethical pharma company. Can you suggest me what is the procedure to be a stockist of a reputed company like Cipla, Mankind etc??


Appointment of stockiest and distributors are mainly done by Area Sales Manager or Region Sales manager at ground level. They play an important role while appointing distributors or stockist. Or Company has its own procedure to appoint distributors You can’t get distribution of divisions that already have distributors. You can get distribution of that in one condition if some disputes are there between company and existing distributor.

You have to apply for stockist ship at company office through e-mail, post or massage or you can contact them through phone. If there will be any requirement of stockist then they will consider your candidature. Company will forward your query to its field staff, generally to RSM. RSM will co-ordinate to ASM. Then they will appoint distributor after discussing.

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At the beginning how to get authorized distributorship of big medical companies if company already have their distributor in my district ? How to know which stock to keep at the time I start my wholesale store ?
Response:If company already has distributor in your area then you have to contact that company distributor and ask for semi distribution of company.

Which stock, you need to keep at the time is depend at products which are moving in your area. You have to conduct some research at ground level. With adequate research, you can find which products you should keep in stock.



Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to startup pharmaceutical distributorship/Stockist in Kerala, preferably in Kochi. Can you please guide me how to get a distributorship/stockist of a preferred pharmaceutical companies?
Response:You can contact your preferred company directly at phone number or e-mail id which will be available at their company website. You can visit at their website and collect information from there and contact them. Ask about whether they require a distributor in your area or they have already appointed a distributor. If they will have given then you can contact other companies for distribution ship.

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  1. For getting medicine distribution ship, you have to contact pharmaceutical companies. If they will not have any distributor. They will approach you to give you distribution ship.

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