Does drug license number require for mouthwash and toothpaste?

Do we require drug license number for mouthwash and toothpaste sale & purchase, and Marketing?
If mouthwash and toothpaste is medicated and fall under drug and cosmetic act & rule then you require drug license number. For mouthwashes or toothpastes fall under Herbal, Ayurvedic or cosmetic preparation doesn’t require drug license number.

It will be great help if you could guide me further
I am dentist based in Punjab. I want to get mouth wash manufactured from third party for resale purpose. What procedure i have to follow.
You have to start own marketing company to which name your want to market mouth wash. Choose brand name. Then contact to manufacturer who manufacturer mouth washes, finalize rates and signed contract/third party manufacturing agreement. and start procedure of third party manufacturing.

But I am not eligible for starting own marketing company


You can start in partnership with other who is eligible or you can hire or recruit an pharmacist for starting own pharma marketing company.


My name is ——–. I’m from Wardha, Maharashtra.
I have gone through your web site Pharma Franchise Help and I got this email id.
We are three partners willing to start a company about hand sanitizing products.
We are going to sell these products with our brand name but we would like manufacture these products by contract manufacturing.
We need your help on What is the documentation process? and proper guidance on starting this company.


The products like hand sanitizing products contains some chemicals so these come under drug and cosmetic act. For selling, distribution and marketing of cosmetics, there is no requirement of any drug license. You will need only company registration and sale tax number for this. You can get manufactured your brand name product with above two mentioned things. Read in detail about starting Cosmetic Marketing Company here


I found your website to be very informative. Thanks for that! I have one question though regarding this post

I’m planning to resell a mouthwash in India with the following ingredients. Do i need a drug license? I read in your post that if it is medicated then i need a license but does the below formulation come under medicated?

Product:Anti-plaque, Anti-microbial Oral Rinse
Chlorhexidine Gluconate:0.2% w/v
Sodium Fluoride:226 ppm
Zinc Chloride:0.09% w/v
Triclosan: 0.3% w/v

You will require a drug license to sell it because it contains Chlorhexidine which is come under drug formulations…

Hope above information was useful to you…

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