Do I need another wholesaler drug license for One Person Company?

I would like to inform you that I have wholesale drug license for a proprietor firm with the name “—————–“. I also have registered recently an OPC with other name. Both the firm are owned under my name. Kindly clear do I need another wholesaler drug license for OPC to start third party manufacturing and marketing ??
Also clear GST No.. Means whether two GST No. Or not.


Persons start marketing companies from two way: One by completing all formalities with the name of company like Wholesale Drug license, company registration, GST Number etc.

In second case, persons register company with another name and use drug license of other firms for sale, purchase and stocking of medicines.

First way is best way to start marketing company through third party manufacturing. You can also start with second option by using drug license of your firm. You have to make all transactions from you firm name. Receiving, dispatching, billing and stocking will be done through with your firm containing drug license number.

You will need two GST number. At your personal PAN card, only single GST number could be issue either for your firm name or company name. You need to issue PAN card of your registered company.

We will advise you to take wholesale drug license and GST number with your register company name and start third party manufacturing and marketing.


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