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Few Queries related to Pharma Franchise/PCD, divisions, Pharma Profit and Trade Rate


I want to know that if someone puchases medicine from delhi wholesale market then at what price will it be sold in vns wholesale market. how to calculate trade of different medicine and profit margin?


Selling price will depend at type of product and available rate of that products in your particular market. We don’t know much about Delhi whole sale market but We have heard that you can get all branded medicines at affordable price their and they even provide medicines without invoice. We may be wrong here in below calculation. You should first make proper research in market before make any decision.

In case of branded medicines, you can get any branded medicine at c&f price which is approximately 60% of mrp or less. If you are small distributor then you can sale it at nearly 80% of MRP. If you are retailer then you can sell it at MRP.

In case of generic medicines, you can get medicines at very low rates at compare to local distributor or stockist. You can purchase from Delhi Whole sale market and sell them to local distributors or stockist at reasonable rates and you can earn good margin.

Trade rate of branded medicine is approximately 70% of MRP. For details you can read these two articles:
How to calculate profit margin, net rates, trade rates
How to calculate Maximum Retail Price, price to retailer and price to stockist with any MRP


I am looking to become a franchise for the company who has track record of maintaining best efficacy. In purnea bihar


Its difficult to predict track record of any company. You can check drug department sites and pharma related newspapers for sampling failing list of all companies time to time. Even multi national companies sample fails the efficacy test. But most of companies try to maintain best efficacy. Mostly shortage of goods problem occur with pcd/franchise companies. If company give assurance about shortage of goods, you can start with it. One more thing you can do by getting certificate of analysis of all products you want to purchase. You can also separately send products for testing occasionally for your assurance.

Please find the product list of our companies for pharma franchise in Bihar for your reference.You can contact us at 8930765982 for further query.


I needs Ortho division at Chhattisgarh.


Individually we don’t have any separate division for ortho but we have ortho products in our product list. Please find the detail of our companies product list.


I want decapeptide medicine for own marketing


We don’t have any company having Decapeptide in its product range. We can’t provide you any company franchise related to Decapeptide medicine.


Do you sell diazepam as in Valium please mail, thanks, and prices?


We don’t sell any medicine or drug to anyone. We provide pharma franchise/pcd for pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical Companies. We are consultant related to pharma business, pharma marketing and Pharma PCD Franchise.

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